Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #8


Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #8


IMG 8832

I spotted those flowers in the market on Friday, aren’t they beautiful? They really made me feel like spring is around the corner, and we do seem to have had some brighter days recently. This week has been wonderful, but more on that to come…


I’ve been cooking up a storm in the kitchen this week. I started by baking some muffins:

IMG 8811

These are grain free almond butter and chocolate chip – check out my Facebook or Instagram for the recipe later today! I enjoyed them for breakfast with some pouring yoghurt and half a banana:

IMG 8825

I had a lovely snack using the other half of the banana:

IMG 8819

This was warm blueberries with pouring yoghurt, banana, flaked almonds and a little maple syrup. I also baked a loaf of my courgette, date and pecan bread:

IMG 8864

I replaced the flax eggs with two regular eggs and I have to admit the texture of this is better with the eggs and rises a lot more. I had a couple of slices fresh from the oven covered in melted butter. So delicious! Other tastiness has included…

IMG 8836My crustless feta and red onion quiche with spinach

IMG 8794smoothie made with spinach, mixed frozen berries, grass fed vanilla whey, almond milk, chia seeds, walnuts, dried cranberries and tahini

IMG 8748fried eggs with avocado – always a favourite

IMG 8803treat from M&S a chickpea, apple and edamame bean salad

IMG 8884wholemeal pitta with hummus, harissa chickpea and butternut salad from Sainsbury’s salad bar and s few popchips


IMG 8790

Workouts this week:

  • Monday – Yoga Glo workout
  • Tuesday – Gym – 10 minutes cross trainer, 30 minutes strength training, 10 minutes bike
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Yoga Glo workout
  • Friday – Gym – 15 minutes bike, 15 minutes step machine, 10 minutes core strength and stability
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Spin Class

I’ve been off my part time job again this week and as I’ve been trying to just crack on with work, as well as having a busy diary of meetings with clients and other meetings I’ve just fitted in what I can. Loving Yoga Glo and really enjoying relaxed gym workouts while listening to the Balanced Bites podcast!


Is it just me or are we in that weird betweeny season where winter clothes feel too stuffy but it’s still too cold for spring clothes? I’ve been layering it up to try and find a way around it:

IMG 8882Biker jacket: Warehouse, green cardigan: H&M, floral dress: Primark, scarf: H&M, black leggings: H&M, boots: New Look, bag: Accessorize

That dress was just £5 in Primark, bargain!



This week has been off the charts awesome. I’ll tell you more next week, but it’s just been brilliant. Amongst other much bigger better things I’ve got my first set of accounts for Uniquely Healthy almost sorted, had a great meeting about starting a project working with young people coming out of care and into independent living healthy cooking skills and some brilliant sessions with health coaching clients, including several new clients. This week I’ve really got a feel for how life would be if I went full time self employed, so exciting! Also…

visiting my cousin Catherine and catching up // spotting a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) foundation course starting near me soon, I’d love to learn more about this to help make me a better health coach // purple kale // waking up to sunlight // organic dark chocolate dipped in peppermint tea // healthy hot chocolate // Elbow: One Day Like This being stuck in my head


How has your week been? What kind of clothing are you wearing for this inbetweeny season? What have you been loving this week?


P.S The winner of the Cocofina Coconut and Date bars Giveaway is Sophie!

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  1. Tamzin

    Hmmmm I want one of everything please! What a fun and happy post you definitely out a smile in my face lovely lady x x

    • Laura

      Thanks Tamzin :-)

    • Laura

      Thanks Jemma! x

  2. Cat

    Haha I’m struggling with the clothing siuation atm too! My faux fur is overkill and if I go out in a jacket I know it will pour down… Love all those eats, I’m now craving a baking session!

    • Laura

      Glad I’m not the only one! Oh I am loving baking, need to make some of your cookies!

  3. Ms.J

    A productive week does put me in high spirits as well. And it is so important to take note of the little joys like you did, “waking up to sunshine”. In my case it’s waking up to a gloomy, wintry day. Not wanting to be a moaner but I ‘ve had a good dose of heatwaves and I’m ready for some winter wear and chilly weather. Biker jackets are fantastic on florals!
    That M&S chickpea salad sounds really good :)

    • Laura

      Haha, I get like that at when it’s the right time of year, I don’t like it being too warm in the autumn, I like the seasons to behave!

  4. Rachel

    Ha yes the inbetweeny weather – I need a jacket/coat that suits the weather! On a sunny day my winter coat is too big but to wear my light spring jacket would be too cold. Just can’t see anything I like in the shops at the moment. As usual I’ll probably faff around so long looking that time will march on and it’ll then be into spring and I can just go for the lighter jacket again. I’ll then have the same issue in October again!

    I made some lovely, but not particularly ‘healthy’ coffee & walnut muffins yesterday, and some ‘cashew cookie’ bites (half dates and half cashews squidged up in the processor) so am set for this week… well until I get the baking bug again, probably some time on Tuesday….

    • Laura

      those cashew cookie bites sound very good! I am well into the baking at the moment – enjoy!

  5. Monica

    I love seeing your vegetarian meals–are you headed back that direction?

    • Laura

      Not quite, as you might see on my latest post I’m pregnant and one of the reasons I’ve been eating more veggie stuff is because I can’t stand a lot of meat at the moment!

  6. Maria @ runningcupcake

    Glad this week has been so good! I had a fab week off work so feeling nice and relaxed now.
    I love seeing the flowers starting to bloom everywhere now- I am hoping spring is on its way :)
    I have been leaving my gloves at home, but that is about it!

    • Laura

      Glad you had such a lovely week off!

  7. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Love that outfit -and the handbag!
    The weather has been lovely on the odd day hasn’t it? I love this time of year! Still chilly but lots of sunshine and the flowers popping up.
    I’ve been loving walks with Alfie that rent freezing cold :)

    • Laura

      I’m really looking forward to seeing the flowers coming up, spring time is lovely :-)

  8. Emma @ Stripes and Snapshots

    Ahh looks like a great week full of yummy eats! I really love seeing these posts each week, great to be nosy on someone else’s week all in one post!

    • Laura

      Haha, thanks Emma!

  9. Rachael

    This made me smile!! Thanks so much for sharing you are an inspiration :-) I read your blog everyday and it always makes me feel happier and healthier! I am living in Vietnam at the moment, you bring a piece of England to my day so thank you. I love ‘Be happy so that when others look at you they feel happy’ this is my aim – to be a smiley, healthy person at peace.

  10. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    It has definitely got a lot milder over the last few days- Spring is on the way hopefully! I made a cherry and tahini smoothie for breakfast this morning and it was amazing! I’m so in love with tahini right now ha!

  11. kezia

    Love it! Just so you know your link for the pecan and date bread goes to your face book page not to the recipe.

    • Laura

      Hi Kezia, thanks for the heads up, fixed that link x


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