12 Weeks Pregnant: 12 week scan + 1st Trimester Style

Baby and Parenting

12 Weeks Pregnant: 12 week scan + 1st Trimester Style

Baby and Parenting

12 weeks pregnant

Obviously the highlight of my pregnancy this week was the 12 week scan! I was a little nervous before it, but it was an amazing experience to see how much our baby has developed in just 4 weeks. Little arms and legs were moving about and the mouth was opening and shutting. It was just magical! This was the official dating scan, and it appears that the scan I had at 8 weeks was fairly accurate as I’m just a day further ahead than my last scan suggested. That makes today the final day of my 1st trimester. Woo hoo!

Other than that all my pregnancy symptoms have been quite settled. I’m still experiencing some nausea now and again, the tiredness appears to be getting better and I feel like my hatred for salads is abating, although the I am still struggling with some veggies like broccoli and idea of plain chicken still grosses me out. 

This week I thought I’d focus on 1st trimester style. I found it a tricky time to dress as almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant I seemed to bloat out. Later in the 1st trimester, I do have a small ‘bump’ but it’s that phase where you don’t really look that pregnant, rather you look like you’ve just gone to town at the Chinese Buffet! 

Personally I found it hugely helpful to have a massive wardrobe clear out quite early on. I put away clothes that I know I won’t be able to wear for sometime and created a capsule wardrobe of things that would fit me for the next few weeks. Just doing that has made getting dressed a whole lot easier. I did have to make a couple of purchases which I feel are unavoidable – bigger bras and jeggings in a size bigger than usual. 

Here are some examples of the styles of clothing I’ve been wearing this trimester…

1st tri style

1. Floral Shift Dress: Warehouse
2. Haramaki Belly Band: NukuNuku
3. Purple Vest Top: Oasis 
4. Mottled Jeggings: Topshop
5. Oversize Casual V Neck Tunic: Topshop
6. Navy Stripe Shift Dress: Dorothy Perkins
7. Indigo Butterfly Denim Dress: Dorothy Perkins
8. Black jeggings: New Look
9. Denim Shirt: Topshop 

My staples have been:

  • Loose shift style dresses (I have some vintage dresses that have been perfect) or those that gather under the bust rather than at the waist, these are great for actually making you look more pregnant if that is what you want
  • Leggings and jeggings, if needed in a size up
  • Vest tops, in a longer length if possible
  • Loose fitting tops, tee shirts and shirts for wearing over jeggings

I haven’t actually needed to wear the belly band / haramaki just yet but I know it can be useful for others at this point in pregnancy.

The way I’m thinking of things is that after the baby is born I will probably be a similar size to what I am now, so having the clothes I’ve been wearing recently will come in useful for that time between birth and my body returning to some normality. Another reason why I haven’t minded spending a little money on new jeggings and loose tops!

One thing that has been a life saver for me is stretchy bras! I bought some regular t-shirt bras in 2 cup sizes bigger when I found out I was pregnant and then my friend mentioned about stretchy seamless bra tops. I found these on eBay:

IMG 9595

They are only £1.79 each with £1.29 postage! Even if you aren’t pregnant, these would be great for lighter exercise like yoga. Usually when I’m just chilling around the house I used to go braless, but that’s quite uncomfortable now they are so big, so these give them some support.

Going forward, I don’t want to spend a fortune on actual maternity clothes. I have already picked up a couple of things on eBay and I plan to get some proper maternity jeans, but other than that I think I’ll be reviewing things as I go. As I’ll be really big in the summer, I will definitely be rocking some maxi dresses! On that point, I found an old size 8 maxi dress from French Connection, unbelievably it still fits and has a perfect cut for showing off a bump! I just need a nice new denim jacket to wear with it ;-)

Whether you’ve been pregnant or not, how do you handle changes in your body shape when it comes to your wardrobe? If you have been pregnant, what clothing helped you get through the 1st trimester?

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  1. Sarahf

    To be honest, I’d happily wear any of this, even though I’m not pregnant! Harumakis are really popular here in winter, and there are so many cute designs for pretty cheap prices. I love mine! Weird, but true, never underestimate the power of a nice warm tummy to make your day go better!

    • Laura

      Haha I know it’s a lovely selection of clothes isn’t it! I agree on the Haramaki, mine made such a difference in the winter :-0

  2. Ragnhild Nordrum

    I love to follow your pregnancy Laura!! And Im so happy for you. Babies are the biggest gift♥
    I didnt gain any weight during pregnancy, which was a bit scary, but both me and baby was perfectly healthy so I didnt worry about it for too long. I didnt have to buy new clothes but on days I felt bloated I wear looser clothes.

    • Laura

      Thanks Ragnhild! Babies are definitely the biggest gift in the world :-) xxx

  3. Emmy

    Aaww! I totally love your 12 week scan. They are so amazing as you get a glimpse of what’s happening inside. I still have my son’s one framed & it is 10 years old now so it’s very faded, but still awesome.

    I remember the non-bump, bump stage well. You do look like you’ve been over-doing it on the junk food. It’s such a relief when the bump actually looks like a pregnancy one :)

    With both pregnancies I put on weight around the middle practically straight away & was in maternity bottoms before the end of the first 12 weeks! I found the maternity denim skirts & maternity trousers with the jersey panelling the most comfortable for that stage (the ones from Mothercare were the best ones), plus any maxi skirts were brilliant as you have the elastic in the waist & these grow with you. As for tops, I found it was better to wear things that were either flowing & baggy or from the tall clothing ranges of places like Dorothy Perkins & Top Shop, again as these grow with you. The tall clothing is ace as it’s cheaper than maternity wear & a damn site more fashionable. I do remember H&M having the best priced maternity range. I can’t wait to see whay wears you come up with, you’ll look as ace as always I’m sure :) xxx

    • Laura

      Thanks Emmy! I have saved a few maxi skirts, I just hope they have enough elastic in them! Great tip on the tall ranges, I’ll definitely have a look at those. I was in H&M today and they do look good and reasonably priced :-)

  4. Zoe

    Such a cute scan picture! I would most definitely be planning to wear all the floaty type dresses and tops that I always like the look of but can’t wear because they make me look pregnant when I’m not! (Hope that makes sense!)

    • Laura

      It makes complete sense, believe me!

  5. Maria @ runningcupcake

    Love the bargains you can get on ebay!
    I think there are so many nice clothes that look flattering on not pregnant people but can also be worn through pregnancy- like dresses and leggings. After my op I only wore those for ages as my stomach was very swollen and sore so I could not wear anything with a hard waist band.

    • Laura

      You are so right, I just picked up a dress in Primark today which does just that. I think a little belt over the bump will make it work :-)

  6. Emma

    So excited for you! Amazing that you can see your little baby so clearly in that scan.
    Sounds like you’ve got the clothing situation all worked out. Love the idea of a stretchy maxi dress to show off your bump come summer time :)

    • Laura

      Thanks Emma! I’ll just have to make sure I don’t end up buying too many maxis!

  7. Jess

    I absolutely love dress no. 7! It’s such a lovely shape – I think you’ve already found a fantastic sense of pregnancy style.

    I just don’t feel comfortable in anything besides running/sports gear, so regardless of shape I’m always going to wear essentially the same things. I do find it very hard to wear crop tops the way I am now or even bigger though…despite just about melting if I wear a singlet or similar over the top of them.


    • Laura

      Thanks Jess :-) You know I’m going to say you look amazing in crop tops – even when I was at my smallest I still felt I had a jiggy belly with loose skin. Believe me everyone that sees you will be jealous of your abs!

  8. Nicole Marie Story

    Okay love this question. I’m really good at hiding my fat. And during the past two years of no yoga and extra chub, I hid underneath of lululemon pace setter ruffle skirts. My legs never looked bad – it was just my midsection, hips, and rump. So that skirt worked wonders. I know you won’t be hiding, but that’s how it is for me when I gain weight. I hope this is the last time that I say, never again! Cute post. I like the butterfly dress. :)

    • Laura

      Thanks Nicole! I wish we had easier access to lululemon stuff, it looks so lovely :-)

  9. Sandra Moffat

    The belly bands are fab for when my periods used to be bad and now when my IBS is bad too! My sister had some from when she was preggers and I was in so much pain I put it on too keep a mini hot water bottle in place and it is brilliant even withought the bottle it’s like being able to sort of hug your tum without your arms very useful x love the pic too Laura you are Making me exceptionally broody :-) xx

    • Laura

      What a great idea with the belly band and hot water bottle! I think there is something comforting about having that security around your mid section :-) Haha, hopefully not too broody! ;-)

  10. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Woohoo for your scan and everything going well :)) Congrats!
    I’ve heard H&M is quite good for long loose flowing items that aren’t necessarily specific for maternity, so you wear them afterwards as well. But I’m very much a novice in this area sorry!
    I know for me though if I’m having a day where I feel frumpy (not that I’m saying you are at all!) that I avoid jeans like the plague and stick with lovely dresses :)

  11. Lucy

    Congratulations again!
    How funny that you have gone off salads and veg :-)
    Some nice bits and pieces there, I’ve heard it is a nightmare to shop for maternity clothing, but you seem to have a nice selection there :-)



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