DSC_0010I might have done the Green smoothie challenge in April, but I’ve been loving them in May too! Having them regularly helps to keep me in my healthy groove

Well yet another packed month has flown over! With our trip to Brighton, some great stuff going on business wise like fab community projects and sorting out my work on the recipe book with a publisher, it’s been a month to remember. Of course the biggest highlight for me was my 20 week scan, finding out we are having a baby boy and most importantly, that he is healthy in there! I’ve loved starting to shop for our little man, who in recent days has been getting very active in my belly!

baby-boy-clothingCath Kidston Zoo Print baby grow and John Lewis Dunagrees, both brand new with tags via eBay

I’m so happy that I did really well with my May Pledge, I have a fantastic groove going on that I’ve managed to keep up even when I’ve had a few changes to my routine, although this week given the bank holiday has been more challenging! Right now I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time, a very high number on the fabulous scale which all my clients and fabulous ladies will appreciate!

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Here on the blog I’ve posted recipes for:

Some of my fave blog posts this month have included:


June pledge

Although we’ve still got 4 months before the bambino arrives I’m in full on nesting mode. It’s not wholly baby related as I am spending more time at home with work too, so I want to make my surroundings as positive and inspiring as possible. I’ll be explaining a bit more on this in a coming post, but for me healthy encompasses so much more than just food and exercise and I’ve found that I’m very sensitive to the environment I’m in when it comes to feeling happy and content. We have a budget to work within which I love because it encourages me to be more creative and it’s that theme I’d like to focus on for June!

I am a truly creative person at heart, one of the many reasons I love blogging because it enables me to express that part of myself. With my new camera to get to grips with, some creative DIY and crafting projects to do around the flat and for the baby, then starting work on some new recipes for the book I’m working on with the publisher, I’ll be using all my creative juices to the max!

I’m also ready to make a few changes to the blog. I have a post coming up about that, but all I’ll say for now is that I feel like the time is approaching for a bit of a change, not necessarily with regards to the kind of things I blog about, but the name! Looking forward to your feedback on that one :-)

How was May for you? Do you have any plans or personal pledges for June? 

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