Lentil feta and strawberry salad

Well hello there, happy Sunday and happy June! Let’s hope the summer starts now eh! I’ve been feeling a bit out of sync all week after the bank holiday, workouts have eluded me and eating has been a bit tougher than normal, combined with what feels like an increased appetite, perhaps pregnancy related. However I’ve still been making and enjoying some lovely meals, including that lentil, feta and strawberry salad with balsamic!


Other tasty healthy food this week…

Home made spelt bread with jamHome made spelt flour scone with butter and streamline low sugar jam 

Scrambled eggs almond butter strawberriesScrambled eggs in coconut oil with strawberries and almond butter

Healthy nutella porridge‘Nutella’ porridge with cocoa, hazelnut butter and cacao nibs

Coyo cherry breakfastCoyo coconut yoghurt, fresh cherries, sourdough toast with tahini

Smoothie in a bowlSmoothie with lettuce, blueberries and vanilla whey protein topped with coconut and mixed seeds

Morrocan falafel saladSalad with Moroccan falafel and cucumber mint yoghurt sauce

Salmon chilli stir fryStir fry with sweet chilli salmon

Last weekend I made this amazing courgette crust pizza!

Low carb courgette pizza

It turned out fabulously, I’ll be sharing the method for this soon! Treat wise, along with a few baked goodies, we got a big bag of mini Diam bars from Ikea:

Mini diam bar

Healthy balance and all that ;-)


InShape Dashboard

Workouts this week:

  • Monday – Rest / Pilates exercises
  • Tuesday – Gym – 10 minutes step machine, 10 minutes cross trainer, Pilates exercises
  • Wednesday – 50 minute Pre Natal strength and conditioning workout via InShape
  • Thursday – Rest / Pilates exercises
  • Friday – Rest / walking 
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Rest

Urgh, workouts have been so hard to fit in this week! My problem is when I can’t get a workout done first thing, it feels like other tasks take priority later in the day. My gym only opens at 7am three days a week, and although I could do something at home, James is in the living room until he leaves for work so it’s a bit cramped. Next week should be easier, but I do need to figure out a strategy for working out when I can’t get to the gym first thing. I’ll be reporting more on the session I had with InShape soon! Luckily my pelvic pain has all but gone :-)


Maternity style floral vest skinny jeansLeather jacket: Warehouse, green cardigan: H&M, floral vest: H&M, jeans: New Look Maternity, flats: New Look

I’m glad the weather has been better this weekend! I was getting frustrated because I have a lot more warmer weather clothing in maternity options now. I wore this on a trip into town for my hair done. While I was there I got some organic baby clothes from H&M but also ended up getting a lovely denim maternity dress as a treat. I also picked up a better maternity bra from Mothercare. 


Ikea granny trolley

I got a granny trolley! This has been fantastic for carting around my equipment and materials from community session to community session. I saw it in Ikea thought I’d might as well give it a try. I had been using a big plastic box to carry things about, but my expanding bump is making that much more difficult. This has been the perfect solution. Also…

23 weeks pregnant now! // home made ginger kefir // fresh cherries from the market // ordering our pushchair / pram / car seat contraption // the newly refurbished Holland and Barrett in Newcastle // doing an online webnar for some lovely health coaching students // visiting my sister in law // getting my hair trimmed and the fabulous head and neck massage you get // getting the hang of using my new camera // first BBQ of the year at my parents 


How has your week been? Does the bank holiday throw you off your usual routine? Would you ever use a granny trolley? 

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