Eat, move, wear, love, link #24


Eat, move, wear, love, link #24


Cashew choco milk

Hi everyone, hope the weekend has been treating you well! It’s been a great weekend for me so far as I’ve got really stuck in with sorting a few things out round the flat and some cooking. Last weekend I made this chocolate cashew milk which was amazing! I just soaked 1 cup of cashews for a few hours then drained and rinsed them and blended with 3 cups of water, cacao powder, 3 dates and a pinch of salt. As my blender did such a great job I didn’t need to strain it. Raw creamy heaven!


Some of my fave eats this week…

Smoothie in a bowlSmoothie with kale, blueberries, chia seeds and coconut milk topped with tahini, raisins and cacao nibs

Banana peach yoghurt chia almond butter honey bowlBreakfast bowl with banana, peach, almond butter, yoghurt, chia seeds and honey

Green juiceFresh green juice with celery, cucumber and lime

Sweet potato and fried eggOven baked sweet potatoes with two organic fried eggs

Smoothie in love mugSmoothie in a mug with spinach, banana, blueberries, coconut milk and chia seeds

M S nutty wholefood saladM&S Nutty Super Wholefood Salad

Sweet potato hashSweet potato and spinach hash topped with fried egg

Pitch dark raw chocolateYummy raw chocolate!

Drive thru starbucks frappe

On Tuesday I was feeling crap so decided to cheer myself up with a visit to the new drive thru Starbucks for a light frappe. It was gorgeous, and a better choice than going for chocolate and biscuits when I was feeling a bit low!


Gym weights

Workouts this week:

  • Monday – Gym: 10 minutes step machine, 10 minutes bike, strength exercises and pilates moves
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – Gym: 10 minutes step machine, 10 minutes bike, strength exercises and pilates moves 
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – Gym: 10 minutes step machine, 10 minutes bike, strength exercises and pilates moves
  • Saturday + Sunday: 10 minutes of yoga first thing each morning

This week it has been more of a struggle to fit exercise in because I’ve been so busy, but I don’t feel bad about it when it’s just been one of those weeks. I realised on Friday how much I’d missed my yoga so I’ve done just a few minutes each morning this weekend for a stretch.


Maternity style black dress leopard print leggingsDenim jacket: Primark, black midi dress: H&M, leopard print leggings: Fenwick, gold sandals: Primark, necklace: Accessorize

With it being so warm I feel much more comfortable in leggings than maternity jeans! I bought this dress a little while ago and it’s so comfortable, just shows you don’t have to purchase maternity wear exclusively while your pregnant, every there is from the normal range, just in a size or two up.


Painted shelving

Yesterday I started painting my new kitchen shelving! These are just plain wooden shoe racks that I’m going to stand on the kitchen counters to give us extra space, and provide a nice place to display some of my quirky kitchen ware. I have some existing shoe rack shelves but they are smaller than this, and in an attempt to maximise space we are going upwards! I’ve also got a load of new things to add to the kitchen and by the end of the weekend it should be looking refreshed Also…

 my new camera bag // goodies from gift shop // the new First Aid Kit album // connecting with 3 new fantastic ladies around business coaching // loads of big kicks from the bambino // buying a gorgeous stripy baby grow for him // sorting this stuff out into boxes // warm bubble baths


There has certainly been lots to love this week but it didn’t start off so great. I’ll talk more about that next week maybe, but I definitely had some big stuff thrown at me and felt a down about a few things, thus is life. I know I’m always really open about stuff here on the blog and I think that’s important, god knows life isn’t perfect for any of us! I also had some major baby brain mess ups (well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it) which included shouting down the phone at someone making a complaint only to realise I was the one who had made the mistake, major doh moment. Luckily I tend to bounce back from blips like that pretty quickly. Frappes, cuddles from James and just spending some time to get my head around things all helps.

How do you bounce back after a blip or a rough patch?

 photo greenfb_zps43614d81.png photo greentwit_zps439f43de.png photo greeninsta_edited-1_zpsa62b54b7.png photo greenpin_zps9b9921b9.png photo greenrss_zpsb71630f6.png photo greenyoutube_edited-1_zps741514fc.png photo greentumb_zps8c4ce466.png

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  1. Sarahf

    I love these posts! They’re always so cheery, all the more impressive knowing you’ve had some “dings” this week! Hope next week is better, and hope the new kitchen turns out as planned. Lovethose leggings, too, by the way.

    • Laura

      Thanks Sarah :-) I think this week will certainly be better!

  2. Heidi Hosgood

    Ooh… New First Aid Kit album!!!! I hadn’t realised! :-) x

    • Laura

      It’s fantastic Heidi – get it!

  3. Maria @ runningcupcake

    Hopefully next week will begin better for you.
    Using a shoe rack as shelves is such a great idea!

    • Laura

      Thanks Maria, the shoe racks have turned out really well, looking forward to sharing them later in the week x

  4. Nicky

    Awh, I hope next week will be better for you lovie, but yep, that is life..never easy! I try to bounce back from my rough patches as soon as possible because life is too short and from experience I know how too easy it is to stay feeling down and making yourself depressed and it’s just a spiral of your own feelings in your head really when you can get up and move on :)

    That chocolate cashew milk looks and sounds amazing!! I must make some sometime soon after I keep wanting all of the ones that these juice companies do haha! xx

    • Laura

      You are so right there Nicky, if you can I think you just need to pull yourself up as quick as possible. The cashew milk was fab, will definitely be making that again soon!

    • Laura

      It was gorgeous, so happy the vita made it extra creamy!

  5. LilyLipstick

    That cashew milk looks so good! I sometimes find it hard to bounce back from blips but being busy helps take my mind of it, I just hate making mistakes but have to accept that sometimes that’s the only way you learn. x

    • Laura

      You are so right there, we wouldn’t be the people we are without those mistakes occasionally!

  6. Zoe

    Hey, I downloaded that album this week! I’d never heard of them but somebody else recommended it to me, it’s fab!

    Urgh, sometimes you just have a few days where it feels nothing goes right and you just want to press STOP! This probably sounds lame but my chap and I have a few things we repeat to ourselves and each other when we have times like this. Things like, ‘the only way through it is to do it’ and ‘if you are going through hell, keep going’ and ‘keep your eyes on the prize’. (Last one courtesy of Bruce Springsteen!) It probably sounds silly but it just helps to remind me that tough times don’t last forever and sometimes I just need to grit my teeth and get through it! :-)

  7. Nics Notebook

    You are going to have an amazing week this week! PS – How much lime did you put in your juice? I just made one and put a whole lime in it & it’s WAY too bitter haha… had to dilute it with an apple & more cucumber :)

  8. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Ahh eggs and sweet potato, simple but yummy. I got some duck eggs that I’ve been meaning to try so might whip that meal up soon.
    Sorry you had a bit of a blip. These things make us stronger (supposedly!!). I find some quality time with the hubs and maybe some cake thrown in helps me recover from a rubbish day.

  9. Claire @ Flake and Cake

    I love that salad from M&S and of course the pitch dark is a constant in my fridge!
    Sorry to hear your week was a toughie, I hope everything is resolving itself now. I go with how my body is feeling but long walks, lots of fresh air and of course chocolate help!


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