Getting clarity for your business


Getting clarity for your business


If you’ve ever felt like you just have too many ideas and thoughts about your business swirling around your head, or that you do have a clear idea but don’t know what steps you should be taking, then this is for you!

I’ll be honest, this is a hard blog post for me to write because up until recently I did not feel clear. At all. When my business mentor asked me what problem I solved for people at the start of the year, I drew a complete blank.

My problem has been that I want to do it all, that I can’t box myself in and just do one thing. It was actually a big emotional struggle at the beginning of the year, to the point where I cried after one of my mastermind coaching calls with my mentor because I felt so overwhelmed and completely in the wrong place.

So yep, I know what it’s like to feel like you have no clarity.

Know what clarity for you is

I’ll come back to my specific situation in a moment, but let’s talk about what clarity in your business actually is. Now I think it’s rather subjective, but for me clarity in my business is;

I know who I serve, how I serve them and I know what steps I need to take to make my business have an income and grow that income. My message is also clear to me, and my potential clients and customers.

Asking yourself what clarity for you actually is, can be a useful first step. What do you need to get clear on? Is it who you serve and how? The problems you solve for people? What your action plan is? Your messaging?

Ask yourself the right questions

Once you know where you need the clarity, then you can start and look at each of those things. What has helped me is asking some questions and journaling on the answers:

  • What problems do you solve for people?
  • How do you solve them?
  • How would the world look when you could take a step back and say ‘my work here is done’
  • How do I want people who come into contact with me feel?
  • What’s my mission here?

There’s loads of questions you can ask, but be careful not to go overboard or you’ll just circle yourself back round to overwhelm!

Block out the ‘noise’

I always think an important part of getting clear is blocking out the ‘noise’ – basically, take a step away from social media for a while. Decide on whose voices and opinions you want to listen to – consult too many people and you won’t find any clarity there, just confusion!

Check in with your intuition

Don’t forget to check in with yourself too, you can find so many answers just by tapping into your intuition. If I feel stuck, I’ll sometimes use my tarot cards as a way to bring something new into the equation.
Get help

Working with the right coach or mentor can be so helpful when it comes to getting crystal clear on your business. Sometimes you just need someone who’s outside of yourself to ask the right questions, to help coach the answers out of you and to offer some strategic support.

Shameless plug, I do offer Business Clarity Sessions if anyone would love to chat!

So how did I find clarity?

Well, my situation was a particularly complex one, I’ve been running my business for several years now and was in the process of pivoting what I do whilst not being ready to give up my old work – i.e. my work around women’s wellbeing and newer work supporting women in their businesses (although I have been doing this for over 3 years as well).

Most business coaches would tell me to stop the wellbeing work and focus on the business support. However, after many tears, lots of chats with my mentor and really honestly checking in with myself, I decided the clarity I really needed was just deciding to do both things and letting me and wholeheartedness be the connecting factor. I maybe would have been better off having two websites (she says after turning them into one last year!) and separate social media accounts etc, but this is where I am, I feel clear on the ways I serve two different groups of people and the way I do that, and while I have some updating to do here on the website, I hope I communicate those things to people too!

Are you struggling with feeling clear? What would clarity mean for you right now?

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