How to handle a business wobble


How to handle a business wobble


Whether it’s a failed launch, not signing a client or getting caught up in comparison, experiencing a ‘business wobble’ isn’t fun!

In this post I’m going to share what a business wobble feels like for me and some tips for how to handle business wobbles in your own business

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What is a ‘business wobble’

If you’re not familiar with that term, then let me explain. A business wobble is a time (it might be a day, a week or longer) where, basically, you feel shit about your business.

A business wobble can be triggered by a failed launch, finding it hard to get clients to sign up or comparing yourself to someone else. It could be triggered by things outside of the business, or where you are on your cycle, other things that you’ve got going on in your life and what other people might say or think about you and your business.

A business wobble for me tends to look like a day or a couple of days where I just fall out of love with my business. I feel like the business is crap, like I’m crap and that everything I do is crap! I feel like I want to burn it all down and start again. Sometimes I might think it would just be easier to quit and find a 9-5 job.

A business wobble might feel different for you though, this is just how I tend to experience them.

The good news is, they can be totally normal and almost all of the entrepreneurs I’ve met have had one at some point. Perhaps because there’s an innate vulnerability that comes with running a business I think these business wobbles can happen and it doesn’t necessarily mean that something terrible is wrong!

Now I know to expect them from time to time and I’ve learned how to deal with them and manage them so they don’t pull me off course.

See everything as a test or experiment

My first tip for handling a business wobble is to see everything in your business as a test. I’ve talked about this business approach before in my 7 keys to a Wholehearted Business post and it really does help. When we see things in our business as a test or experiment we loosen our grip on outcomes so things like ‘failed’ launches (and I don’t really believe anything is a failure if you’re showing up!) aren’t the end of the world and don’t trigger a business wobble.

There’s so much we can learn from the process and when we have the mindset of seeing things as a ‘test’ it can really help!

What lessons can you learn from it?

Ask yourself what might have triggered the wobble. Is it that you’ve taken on too much? That you’re close to burnout? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you need some more support?

What is it that you need to deal with? What’s triggered the wobble and what can you do, to not fix it, but to take notice of that and make a change? There’s all sorts of things that might be happening in our business which can trigger a wobble so take some time to ask yourself what you can do to change something to alleviate that issue.

Take a break

I started to notice that I’ll have a bit of a business wobble towards the tail end of a really intense period in my business where I’ve been working really hard. Basically I just need to take a break and do fun things that are not related to my business!

It’s a good idea to remember that the world isn’t going to end if you take a week off. If you have clients make sure they’re taken care of but otherwise a week off social media and other things is totally ok and can mean you come back to your business with renewed motivation and energy.

Get some support

It can be really useful to have some kind of support from someone, whether it’s a business bestie, being in some kind of group program or mastermind or having your own coach. Having someone you can talk to when you’re experiencing a wobble can be super helpful.

Having a space where you can vent and get things off your chest without being judged can be important to help you work through a wobble.

It can be tempting to want to talk to a friend or a partner about this. But sometimes people who don’t understand business, might just say, ‘well just quit and get a job then’ without having any real understanding of how online business works, or what running an online business really means to you.

Sometimes, especially if you’re having wobbles a lot, that might be a sign that you need to make a more drastic change, whether that’s getting a part time job to take off some financial pressure or having a longer break – both of these are ok!

So see if you can identify a place where you can go and be supported from others who get the whole online business thing!

Do something in your business you enjoy

When it comes to getting back into your business perhaps after taking a bit of a break try and find a task that you really enjoy or one that’s really easy. A task that’s going to make you feel good about yourself and make you feel good about your business too!

Use that task as the stepping in point to get back into your groove and reignite your motivation. Maybe it’s a completely new project, a new way of marketing your business or a new offer. All these things can bring in some fresh energy.

Something else you could look at is creating systems in your business that allow you to take your foot off the pedal and relax a little bit more such as automations and scheduling things up in advance.

Remember that growing a business takes time

Often a business wobble comes from frustration that things aren’t going the way we planned. Perhaps we’re not making progress in the way we’d envisioned. It’s worth remembering that building a business takes time. Building up momentum to the point where things feel a bit easier takes time, but it’s worth it!

So here are my tips for handling a business wobble! I hope you’ve found those tips helpful, do leave me a comment and let me know how business wobbles show up for you and if you have any tips to add to this list!


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