How to take bold action in your coaching business without overwhelm + burning out


How to take bold action in your coaching business without overwhelm + burning out


When you’re actively growing your coaching business you’re going to be doing a lot of new things that challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone. That can be super stressful!

So how do we take bold action in our businesses without overwhelming ourselves and burning out? Here’s some tips for you to try…

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Embrace your comfort zone

A lot of us have a bit of a negative view of our comfort zone which is no surprise given that we’re constantly told we should be stepping outside of it.

You know how it goes – ‘Don’t play small’ don’t play safe’ ‘get out of your comfort zone’. Even I’ve said these things before as a coach! However, our comfort zone is actually our safe space. When you’re in your comfort zone, you are comfortable and that’s ok.

Like when did comfort become such a bad thing?

When it comes to stress, overwhelm and burnout, our comfort zone is actually where we want to be operating most of the time. If you’re constantly and consistently pushing yourself out of your comfort zone I don’t believe it’s easy to thrive, particularly if you have other stressful stuff going on in the rest of your life.

Yes, some people totally thrive on pushing themselves all of the time, but for the majority of us, we need to find a balance between doing the things we need to do to grow our businesses but supporting ourselves too. Which nicely brings me on to…

Sustainably expand your comfort zone

When I first started coaching, getting on Skype (yes Skype, we’re talking 10 years ago people!) with a client would have me absolutely terrified. Doing a discovery call would be the same. Now I can do both, and much much more without even a flicker of stress.

This is of course because my comfort zone has expanded. So how do we do the necessary work of expanding our comfort zone without burn out?

We need to make those steps outside it sustainable, that probably means not trying to do everything at once, and taking incremental steps.

Again, exceptions to the rule, there will be people who thrive on being thrown in at the deep end but if that’s not you, taking incremental steps and doing things slowly is going to be key.

Anchor into a sense of safety

When we’re working on our business and pushing out of our comfort zone our nervous system can take a total battering and something that can support us with this is how we can anchor into a sense of safety.

Think of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – when our most basic needs are not being met it’s going to make everything else harder. In the case of our coaching businesses this might be looking at how your most basic financial needs are being met for example.

There’s also a number of practices that you can use to support your nervous system too, such as meditation, yoga and EFT. I’m not qualified in nervous system dysregulation or trauma, however these modalities really help me thrive while I run my business, raise my family and everything else!

Get support

Having some form of support in your business can be incredibly valuable. Growing a business alone is hard, having a place where you can access support and guidance can make a huge difference to how you feel in your business and your business success.

Whether it’s a 1:1 coach or mentor, or being part of a group programme, having a place you can go to talk about your business is just so lovely and helpful!


When we need to take big bold action, simplifying what we have on our plates can help us focus on the task in hand without getting distracted and overwhelmed.

When we simplify we’re taking off some mental load too. Simplifying is almost always a great idea whatever you have going on!

Next steps

If you’re early on in your business and so much of everything is new, it can feel overwhelming and stressful just taking those steps you need to take to make your business a success. But recognising that your comfort zone is a supportive place to operate from, taking those sustainable steps outside of your comfort zone, getting support and simplifying will all help you make your business work without you getting burned out!

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