Get more clients without the hustle via spontaneous client enquiries


Get more clients without the hustle via spontaneous client enquiries


If you would like more clients in your health or life coaching business, without having to ‘hustle’ for them, then you need to know more about spontaneous client enquiries and how to generate them in your business.

‘Spontaneous Client Enquiries’ is my totally made up term for people who get in touch with you and would like to become a client – almost seemingly out of the blue.

These type of client enquiries can be really exciting, I’ll always remember the first time someone I’d not heard from before got in touch to work with me, it really felt like my business had turned a corner.

Read on for more explanation on what spontaneous client enquiries are, and why you need more of them in your business.

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What are spontaneous client enquiries?

Spontaneous client enquiries are those times you have someone book a discovery call or reach out to you via your contact form or on social media, who are very interested in working with you and then go on and become clients. What makes these type of client enquiries ‘spontaneous’ is that you’ve not had any particular contact with them before.

Many coaches who are new in business probably think this is the typical way that clients come to you, however that is absolutely not the case.

Most of the time, especially when you’re starting out, to get clients it’s likely that there needs to be more individualised contact with people in the form of something like DM strategies, individual emails, in person or online networking etc. Basically you will have had to find people and develop relationships and ultimately ‘sell’ to them more individually.

Neither one of these ways of attracting clients is ‘better’ than the other – but there are pros and cons to each.

Why spontaneous client enquiries are helpful

To understand why being able to generate more spontaneous client enquiries is useful, we need to look at the main drivers of those two main types of client acquisition.

With that individualised approach, you are having to go out and find people and engage with them.

With the spontaneous client enquiries approach, you’re obviously marketing your business, and that is leading to people finding you and them reaching out to you themselves.

In the first example, you’re the bee who’s having to go out and find the flowers. In the second example, you’re the flower who’s just sitting there smelling nice and looking pretty and the bees are coming to you.

I know which one sounds more appealing to me!

What I, and many of my clients tend to find, is that structuring our businesses in order to generate more spontaneous client enquiries is more sustainable, scaleable and gentler on our nervous systems than having to go out and seek clients on a more individual basis.

Structuring your coaching business for more clients

However, while spontaneous client enquiries are often the goal and feel ‘easier’ – depending on our business model it’s likely that we will still need to include some forms of more individualised reach outs to get more clients, particularly at the start of our businesses while the systems we need to generate the spontaneous client enquiries are built up.

For more ideas around structuring your business in this way check out my free Aligned Client Attraction System:

How to generate more Spontaneous Client Enquiries

Create a consistent form of organic content marketing to attract and connect with potential clients

I’m a big fan of using non social media based content marketing to help more people find us. This can look like blogging on our own website or a platform like Substack, podcasting or creating long form videos on YouTube. Pinterest, in conjunction with blogging on your own site is a great option too. These are (apart from podcasting) search based platforms which can be wonderful for marketing your coaching business on.

Boost that with paid ads or collaborations

In addition to organic content marketing, utilising paid ads or getting involved in collaborations like summits and bundles can be a good way to increase your results.

Give more value, connect with and sell via a sales funnel and email list

The next step is sending the people who are finding you via organic content marketing, ads or collaborations on to your email list. Here you can create a more structured ‘funnel’ that may or may not include more individualised elements that provide them with more value, connect with them and ultimately do some of the selling for you that results in people signing up for discovery calls or buying from you.

This particular system helps to future proof your flow of clients because you have organic, long form content marketing at its foundation, which when done well, has the potential to increase your results over time. For example, a blog post that people are finding via SEO will continue to send people your way potentially for years to come, where a post on social media might attract people for a couple of hours or days at most.

Making it work together

Like I said earlier, it’s not really an either / or situation in terms of client attraction. It’s likely that you will need to use some more individualised approaches to get clients, especially at the start of your business. But if you build out that system over time you won’t have to ‘hustle’ for clients and you can focus on being the flower rather than the bee!

This is the exact system I teach and help you create for yourself in my 6 month group programme Wholehearted Business.

I’d love to know if this has sparked some ideas for you, let me know in the comments!


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