Visibility and self confidence to be seen with Maddy Shine


Visibility and self confidence to be seen with Maddy Shine


This week on The Wholehearted Business Show I’m having a fabulous conversation with Maddy Shine.

Maddy Shine is a small biz business mentor and visibility expert who helps women-owned business legends grow their businesses by becoming more visible.

She has helped thousands of clients get more visible through teaching her free and paid online programs and membership community Visible Vibes. She has been described as actual human sunshine – you can even use her GIFs which have been used over 690 million times!

Maddy believes it’s up to us to find and get booked by those who want to work with us. Proudly based in southeast London, Maddy is easily spotted by her blue hair and loud laugh and now runs local meetups for fellow woman entrepreneurs at the local pub.

I was so excited to interview Maddy about all things visibility as I know this is often a challenge for health and life coaches.

Tune in to learn:

  • What common blocks come up for coaches when it comes to visibility
  • How to embrace visibility if you’re more introverted and social media doesn’t feel like the right fit
  • Why keeping a ‘rolodex of love’ can support your self confidence as a coach
  • How transactional analysis can help you manage online interactions and fear of trolling

Maddy’s links:

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