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Blogging for Coaches Mini Training

Your quick guide to how to blog for your coaching business so you grow your list, get more clients and have more fun!

Don’t have a clue about this whole blogging thing?

You’ve heard a bit about blogging and how it can help you grow your business but you don’t really know what you should be doing with yout blog posts.

You get stuck for ideas, you don’t know how often you should be blogging and when it comes to using blogging to grow your list and get clients you have no idea how to connect the dots!

If that sounds familiar keep reading…

Does this sound like you?


You’ve no idea how to come up with ideas for blog posts that are going to help bring traffic to your website.


You don’t know how to structure your blog posts or what you should be including in them to help you grow your list and make them effective.


You’re unsure how blog posts fit into your overall marketing strategy for your business.

Read on

Let me show you how to blog for your coaching business 

You can figure out this whole blogging thing, bring traffic to your site and grow your list – without chucking your laptop out the window!

let’s try this instead

Imagine if…

You had an easy way to come up with blog post ideas that you’re excited to write about.

Your blog posts add 100’s of people on to your email list and bring 1000’s to your site in traffic.

You could use your blog posts to create extra marketing content for your other platforms too.

are you ready?

Blogging for Coaches

mini training

The Blogging for Coaches Mini Training includes a 30 minute training on how to do blogging as a coach, an editable Google doc checklist for creating fully optimised blog posts and a video overview of how to construct the perfect blog.

I have been blogging for many years, but not for my coaching business; only for friends and family. I had been feeling kind of stuck on what to write about, but now I feel super inspired as I finally know how to structure my blog posts and generate new ideas.

I loved the practical examples on how I can structure the content and how to get new content ideas.

I really loved this training and it will help me soo much. THANK YOU!


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Here’s what’s we cover in the Blogging for Coaches Mini Training


What is Blogging?

I’ll explain exactly what blogging is and how you can use it as a marketing tool in your business.


How to plan what to write about

I’ll help you figure out a system for planning topics for your blog posts.


How to write good blog posts

Alongside the training on this you’ll get a checklist you can use each and every time you write a blog that will help you make it the best it can be and include all the things you need to make it fully optimised.


How to use your blog posts to create more marketing content

We’ll look at some simple ways you can use your blog posts to create more content for your other marketing channels saving you time and effort.


How blogging can fit into your overall marketing strategy

We’ll explore how blogging fits into your marketing strategy and how you can use blogging to grow your list and get more clients.


What 'cornerstone content' is and how to use it in your blogging strategy

We’ll look at cornerstone content and how you can create blog posts central to your approach as a coach.


How to get people to read your blog posts

We’ll explore how we can get more eyes on your stuff!

Ready to blog better?

Hey, I’m Laura 👋

award winning blogger and mentor

I built my business through blogging, I first started way back in 2010 and have blogged ever since! I even won Health Blogger of the Year. 

Blogging is such a great way to grow your business, get eyes on your stuff, grow your list and get more clients.

I’m so excited to share some of my top blogging tips with you in this mini training!


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