Here’s a curated list of some of the best business resources for online coaches available on the internet. I use all of these in my business and love them!

Most of the links below are affiliate links meaning if you click through and decide to purchase them I receive a small commission, which does not affect the amount you pay. Of course, I only recommend products I personally love and use in my business.

Scroll down to see a suggested list for the stage of business you’re in.

Let’s go! 


Convertkit is an email marketing platform that enables you to build an email list and create custom marketing paths for your potential clients and customers. Plus it intergrates seamlessly with Sendowl and Teachable (below).


Planoly allows you to schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time, see how they’ll look on your grid and even posts them for you at a time you specify. It’s been a huge time saver for me and helps me stay organised!


Bluehost is the best all in one domain and website hosting platform. It covers everything you need including one click installation of WordPress and SSL security certificates.


I use Teachable to host all of my online courses. It intergrates with my other systems, enables me to protect paid for content and hosts my courses on a beautiful and well organised platform.


I use SendOwl to manage sales of my ebook and in the past, physical products. It’s nice and simple to use and works with PayPal and ConvertKit easily.


Loom enables you to create videos simply and easily from your desktop – you can create welcome videos for your clients, record your screen or use it to record videos to accompany blog posts or upload to YouTube.


I use Tailwind to make the most of Pinterest for scheduling pins of my blog posts and joining Tribes who share my content. Using Tailwind has helped me increase my website traffic and save time on implementing my Pinterest strategy.


I use Zoom to host group calls and 1-2-1 client calls. It’s an excellent online conferencing software that can also be used to host webinars too.

Deadline Funnel

I use Deadline Funnel to create evergreen funnels that sell my online courses and programmes on auto-pilot.


I use Buzzsprout for hosting my podcast. It’s simple and straightforward to set up and gives you everything you need to manage your podcast.

Suggested resources for your stage of business

If you’re starting out and you know you just want to focus on 1-2-1 coaching:

  • Mailerlite (if you think you’ll ever sell an online product save yourself the hassle and go for Convertkit)
  • Canva (free or paid version)
  • Zoom (free) or Skype (free)
  • Loom (free)
  • Tailwind (if you see blogging forming a large part of your marketing)
  • Bluehost – for your website hosting – and don’t forget I offer a complete course that teaches you how to create a website from scratch
  • Planoly or Buffer – social media scheduling

If you’ve been in business a while and would like to explore online products:

  • Convertkit (paid)
  • Canva (paid) or Adobe Creative Suite (paid, and only if you’ve had training on using it!)
  • Zoom (paid)
  • Loom (free)
  • Tailwind (paid)
  • Bluehost (see above)
  • Teachable or Sendowl or both (depending on the product – Teachable for courses, SendOwl for ebooks and single products)
  • Planoly (paid) if Instagram is a platform you want to focus on
  • Deadline Funnel (paid)if you want to sell courses on evergreen

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