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Voxer Tuesdays – Coach in your pocket

$97 a month

Access virtual coaching and mentoring office hours with me every Tuesday via voice and text note support


Voxer Tuesdays – Coach in Your Pocket

Virtual coaching and mentoring support

Ask questions and be coached and supported individually as you work on your content marketing strategy, all via voice and text notes every Tuesday.


Get clarity on your next steps – no more overwhelm!


Ask any specific questions related to your content marketing plan, including tech related issues


Be supported around any specific issues that are keeping you stuck

wondering How it works?

Message me directly using the Voxer app (a walkie talkie and text based smart phone and desk top app a bit like Whatsapp and Telegram) when you have a question or need some support.

I’ll respond during my Tuesday office hours which are 9.30-2.30 UK time.

If ever feel like you just need a coach and mentor in your back pocket this is for you!

Voxer Tuesdays are exclusively for your content marketing related questions and support – if you’re looking for a wider base of support, and unlimited hours then check out Wholehearted Business.

Why Laura?

I’ve been doing this coaching business thing for over 10 years and I know what it’s like to run a business to consumer coaching business (health + life coaching for example). 

I even won Health Blogger of the Year!

I’ve worked with hundreds of Wholehearted Humans to help them grow their coaching businesses, get clients, make more money and enjoy more freedom in their lives.

I believe we can do business in a way that is aligned to who you are, and that we get better results when we’re being us!


Working with Laura is A JOY! As well as being super knowledgeable about what it takes to run a thriving, wholehearted business, Laura is incredibly kind, warm and lovely to work with too.

Vicki Pavitt – Love and Dating Coach for Big Hearted Women

Ready to get supported?

Voxer Tuesdays – Coach in your pocket

$97 a month

Access virtual coaching and mentoring office hours with me every Tuesday via voice and text note support

Many coaches charge up to $500 for direct access to them via Voxer. Lock in this price now!



What happens when I click the Buy Now button?

You’ll be taken to a secure check out page with my payment processor where you’ll be able to make your purchase. Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive an email with all your next steps.

What about time zones?

You can message me on Voxer at any time, but I’ll only be responding to messages on Tuesdays.

What topics can I ask questions on and get supported around?

Anything related to your content marketing. I’ll be unable to answer questions relating to niche, messaging, your offers and services, email list etc other than how it relates to your content marketing. If you’re looking for more holistic coaching business support definitely check out Wholehearted Business.

I have some questions abouy whether or not this is right for me

No worries, use the message us button in the lower right and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Where can I get help?

If you have any questions about your order contact

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