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What you’ll get inside the Wholehearted Self Care Guide

This guide and bonus materials are designed to support you to create a transformational self care practice no matter how little time you have, it's an overwhelm free method to getting your needs met, remember self care really is the foundation for a healthy happy life!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • You'll discover the 6 themes of self care you need to be getting covered to ensure a well rounded self care practice that actually gets you results.
  • We'll cover the barriers you might face to getting self care in place such as guilt, lack of time and mindset and help you overcome them all.
  • The comprehensive self care workbook will support you to take a 360 view of self care and how you can include it in your life. We'll cover your current self care needs, morning and evening routines, self care for every day no matter how little time you have and more.
  • Your step by step guide to creating a home retreat including recipes and a suggested schedule for your day
  • Creating a self care tool box is one practical way to incorporate self care into your life. Get a how to guide for creating your own!
  • Last but not least you get 60 done for you self care ideas to inspire you!
  • A private Yoga YouTube Playlist, my favourite apps for self care and a habit tracker worksheet and guide!

And these great bonuses!

  • A full guide to incorporating self care into your life as a new mum or mum to a baby or toddler (cause boy do we need it!)
  • 8 PDF guides including: developing routines, total body scan, decluttering, upgrading, positive visualisation, things that make you feel good. 
  • From the lovely Cheryl at a guide to decluttering your beauty products!

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Buy Now for Just $11
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