Changes in appetite and re finding workout focus


Changes in appetite and re finding workout focus



I can’t take the credit for that beautiful photograph, I found it on morgueFile and it made me think of some of the trees I’ve seen this week. I love this time when they are changing colour! It’s been a fab week with just the right amount of stuff going on, the week started warm and sunny and has ended rainy and cold, but I have actually quite enjoyed that, anyone else ready for making things cosy at home? We are popping out later and I’m hoping to get a few things for around the flat to make it more in tune with the season, although don’t get me started on my energy bill rise!

I’ve been really loving my brussel spouts this week:


I’ve had them roasted in coconut oil with organic squash from the farmers market and some more locally caught wild salmon. It really is the best fish I’ve ever tasted. I baked it with a little tamari and some ginger coconom sugar on top, so good! Fingers crossed we might be getting more from my friends partner before the end of the fishing season.


This was another really simple but so tasty meal. I finely sliced then stir fried the sprouts this time, and mixed them with some chopped up leftover sausages finishing up with a fried egg. Heaven!

For breakfasts I’ve been enjoying some baked oats from the freezer, warmed up in the microwave and topped with full fat Total Greek yoghurt:


For lunch, the yoghurt went wonderfully on top of a mexican taco scramble bowl:


The 2% fat is still my favourite, but the full fat is a nice treat. I also had some on top of a bowl of pumpkin porridge:


That bowl was so comforting yesterday morning when we woke up to howling wind and rain!

Workouts this week:

  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: was suppose to have been spin, but as the class was cancelled did about 20 minutes in the gym and a jog around the block
  • Monday: gym – 30 minutes cardio, sit ups
  • Tuesday: gym – 30 minutes cardio, plank hold
  • Wednesday: gym – 30 minutes cardio, strength (legs, chest and shoulders)
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: gym – 30 minutes cardio, strength (legs, back, triceps)

No workouts this week have exceeded 45 minutes really. I was starting to feel bored and like I’d lost my workout mojo, but I’ve had a bit of a think and I have an idea of what routine I’d like to get into. I’m refocusing on just doing exercise that is going to help take care of me and nourish my body at the moment, so I want to make sure that I start doing yoga again. 

After the gym I’ve been having smoothies for the speediness factor, but I made this one for a snack:


This was spinach, frozen black forest fruits, beetroot, unsweetened chocolate brown rice protein, maca, coconut oil, ice, cocoa powder, plain stevia and water. I haven’t had cooked beetroot in a smoothie for a while and I forgot the sweet earthy flavour it has, yummy!

My other fave snack this week has to be this:

IMG 6369

This is so delicious! I was kindly sent a box of different Metcalfe’s popcorn to try, and these, as well as the sweet cinnamon flavour, are really good. A new addiction right there!

On the Love List this week…

IMG 6365

I am crazy about hot chocolate at the moment! This one was made with raw cacao powder, lucuma powder and sweetened with coconom ginger coconut sugar. I haven’t felt the need for a ‘dessert’ at all since Sunday, and just having a hot chocolate has been doing the job. I’ve been noticing a lot of things through doing the Super Conscious Living Programme, this week my hunger levels have been insane, not like bingeing insane, but a real need for food which mostly, I’ve been able to identify is true hunger as suppose to stress eating (which has cropped up a little). It’s only been during the day which I think is leading to less of an appetite on an evening. That in itself is quite unusual as in the past I’ve always had a bigger appetite later in the day. I am very happy to go with the flow and observe what my body is doing, I have a feeling it might be linked to some hormonal shifts, fingers crossed! Also…

wooly socks // my new shorter hair, so glad that I went for the chop! // feeling really free with food right now // great catch up’s with uniquely healthy clients // my first healthy eating in the community course bookings! I’m going to have to get myself into gear ready for the middle of November // this great post on when to wear knee high boots and when to go for ankle boots instead // blood red nails // Breaking Bad, we are just on to season 5, NO SPOILERS! // Kate Bush Hounds of Love, can’t get enough of that album // the epic e book bundle from Harvest your Health, I thought I’d get these for research purposes, there’s some very interesting reads! // positive business meetings – got some new community projects in the pipeline, bring on 2014! // kicking ass in my test for assignment 2 on my Clinical Nutrition Course

In case you missed it:

Oh and keep an eye on your inboxes, my October Newsletter is out later today!

So yes, a pretty good week! I am looking forward to the weekend though, I have a magazine put to one side to chill out with at some point, and I’m hoping to visit friends and family.

What’s on your Love List this week? Have you switched your heating on yet? Yes, I am an old women at heart and turning the heating on, especially during the day is a big deal! Hope whatever you are up to you have a great weekend, as always thanks so much for reading :-) 

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  1. charlie

    Hey Laura!
    I am hoping to make some of your baked oatmeal this weekend!! I am hoping to have a portion and then freeze the rest. When you come to pulling it out of the freeze for a breakfast treat do you let it defrost for a while first or do you just pop it straight into the microwave from frozen?
    Thank you :)
    Charlie xx

  2. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    Wow you are getting through Breaking Bad, I think season 4 was my favourite- so good! Loving all the sprouts in this post, need to get roasting some!! I’ve been absolutely ravenous this week, after the half, resting and also travelling to London and flat viewing I just seem to be hungry all the bloody time!

  3. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Ah yes my heating went on this morning. It was FREEZING.
    Love that boot article! I am definitely going to be rocking out my ankle boots and longer length boots soon. I suppose winter is good for something!

  4. Claire @ Flake and Cake

    Love that picture, it is just perfect for this time of year!
    Great workouts, I know exactly what you mean about finding what works and will benefit the body rather than drain it. I’ve been playing around with cardio and strength and have realised that 45 minutes seems to work best for my body, any longer and I feel more wiped out than energised.
    That popcorn sounds delicious, love the idea of the cinnamon too!
    Have a fab weekend Laura :)

  5. Lexi

    Oh I love the metcalfe’s popcorn Laura! I must find the cinnamon one. Hope you have a lovely Autumn weekend :)

  6. sonja@vesenmork

    just turned the heating on today! I wished I could have hold out a little bit longer, but I was already wearing two jumpers and it’s so darn cold!

  7. Nicky @kabochafashionista

    I love Autumn so much! Everyone starts complaining that it’s cold and stuff but I love it…I love knitwear, I don’t like being too hot and it’s not like it’s snowing so it’s all good :) I love the food too..squash and yep, I’ve been cracking out the brussels too! Love them roasted <3

    In terms of workouts, I really don't see the point in anyone needing to do over 30 minutes cardio to be honest. Anymore than that and you have to ask yourself what are you doing it that long for? :)

  8. AnnaA

    Have you ever had chestnuts with brussels sprouts? If not you have to try it. Christmas would have to be cancelled in our house without them!

  9. Jess

    We have the heating on in our house for my Mum, but if it was just me then I wouldn’t turn it on until temperatures dropped well below zero…I think I’d need to see snow on the ground before I would turn heating on.

    I definitely eat more during the day than at night. Eating a lot late in the day is really bad for my stomach, plus I know it’s a myth but I’d rather not consume large amounts of calories/carbs in the evening. I appreciate it doesn’t techinically make a difference in terms of weight gain, but I don’t want to give my body any of the excuses it seems to be permanently looking for in that regard. Eating during the day and spacing things out just seems like a healthier approach regardless IMO.



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