Desk-bound diners: do you eat lunch at your desk?


Desk-bound diners: do you eat lunch at your desk?


Today I’d like to share a guest post with you about how you can still eat healthy even when you are stuck at your desk. I am terrible for eating meals at my computer, so I will be trying out some of these tips!



Desk-bound diners: do you eat lunch at your desk?

For some, it’s a great time to escape the office and take a mental break, but it seems more of us are staying at our desks during our well-deserved lunch breaks to catch-up on deadlines or sit on Facebook. But is sharing your lunchtime with your computer at work good for your health?

One obvious drawback is the fact that you won’t be paying enough attention to your food while you’re pinging off emails, raising the risk of mindless overeating and falling into bad habits. Couple that with sitting at your desk for a full 8 hours without using your break to get the heart pumping and blood flowing…your hips aren’t going to thank you either!

Here are some simple tips for making sure your lunch breaks are still healthy when you really can’t leave the keyboard:

Plan ahead

Grabbing a quick lunch from the supermarket to nibble at your desk can be tempting but many options from the high street are full of added salt, sugar and fat. Take the time to prepare your meal the night before or in the morning before work. Items such as a salad with lean protein, nuts, beans and veggies will help to keep your energy levels stable throughout the afternoon. Keep a food diary to stay on top of your intake and find some fun new recipes to try – if you can’t enjoy your break outdoors then you may as well enjoy your food!

Find opportunities to get moving

It’s no secret that staying still for long periods of time isn’t good for you. If you really can’t escape the office at lunch then you can still find ways to sneak in little bursts of movement – take the stairs instead of the lift, park in the furthest away spot and walk across the office to speak to your colleagues instead of sending that email. Alternatively go for a run or hit the gym at the end of the day to make up for all those hours sitting on your behind!

Clean, clean clean!

Ever turn over your keyboard to get the crumbs out? Multiple studies over the years have found frightening levels of nasty bacteria on desks, some experts have even claimed your work space could be worse than a toilet, but do you keep yours as clean as your kitchen?

Keeping a clean, tidy desk won’t only reduce your risk of taking sick leave but will also ensure a safer eating environment if you really can’t peel yourself away for a break. Use a disinfectant regularly and make sure to get your keyboard, mouse and phone. Keep some hand sanitizer nearby and get in the habit of using it every time you eat.


Do you take the time to enjoy your lunch breaks at work?

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  1. Maria @ runningcupcake

    I try to go and sit in the staffroom to eat my lunch, but I do have my afternoon snack at my desk while checking emails/ marking work etc. I keep some anti bac wipes in my desk so I do clean it quite often, as I don’t think the cleaners ever clean the desks/ computers.

    • Laura

      Same in our office, I don’t think our cleaner ever touches the computer! You’ve reminded me I need to get more wipes!


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