Well what a weekend it has been, I feel like I haven’t stopped! Yesterday we were in Newcastle and I picked up that tiny kabocha squash, a harlequin squash and some fresh coffee. I got some decaf, as one of the things I’ve become more aware of from doing the Super Conscious Living Programme is that I may love coffee but it doesn’t always love me, especially when I exceed 1-2 cups a day!

More on my time in Newcastle yesterday in a mo, rewinding back to Friday I was at the Health and Wellbeing Event at Sunderland University:

IMG 6417

I was soooo nervous about this event and having to do more food demos to an audience I haven’t presented in front of before. However, it was awesome! I had a great day and met so many lovely staff and students from my old uni (hello if you are a new reader!) My theme was healthy food on the go and I demonstrated overnight oats in a jar, wholemeal banana and peanut butter wraps and dried fruit, nut and seed trail mix (of which I gave out samples). I’m hoping to get some pictures of me in action soon! I also had some recipe sheets to give out as well, all good stuff!

After that I drove back to Durham and treated James and I to a Starbucks (Pumpkin Spice for me, obsessed!) before we got ready to go and see Jamie Cullum at The Sage Gateshead:

IMG 6431

I liked Jamie Cullum, but now I love him! He was amazing – seriously, even if you aren’t a huge jazz fan, go and see him because that was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. He put on such a great show!

Yesterday we woke up far too early so lay on the sofa watching random crap on Netflix, I had a big bowl of frozen cherries with full fat greek yoghurt and peanut flour for breakfast:


Then for lunch I had a big salad with mackerel:


I added some olives, olive tapenade, red onion and some jalapeños, yum! 

Later on we headed over to town to get ready for gig no 2, Daughter at the Tyne Theatre. It was match day so everywhere was busy. We had another Starbucks fix and then tried to find somewhere to eat which was pretty hard given how busy it was every where. Note to self, on match day book! We tried to get into a few places with no luck, so ended up going to a Chinese Buffet place…

IMG 6452

These restaurants are my nemesis! I have no self control when I am in them, so they are always a last resort but I think I was so tired and hungry that when James suggested we go I couldn’t help but agree.

IMG 6443

One of ahem, a couple of plates of food was this gorgeous sweet chilli tofu, some thai red curried duck and a few token veggies.

IMG 6445

For dessert I had a little cake thing, some ice cream and, I have to say, the most delicious mango pancake filled with fresh cream and mangos. I was obviously stuffed after this, but I did enjoy every bite. I made the decision that since I was going to eat there I’d might as well just enjoy it, then move on from it. As James reminded me, we don’t do this very often and I’d eaten well and healthily earlier in the day.

After that we had time to get caffeinated before the gig:

IMG 6459

Latte for him, Americano for her. I love Intermezzo and the fact it stays open late as a bar too! 

IMG 6457

I really loved their fairy lights too. Then we went to the gig which was great, I really enjoyed Daughter and found that they had quite a different sound live to when you just listen to their recorded music. 

After that I came home and pretty much collapsed into bed exhausted! I did feel some guilt about that Chinese meal, but I know that it all balances out when I listen to what I’m craving. All I’ve wanted today is a green smoothie! 

Have you had a good weekend? I always think that if you are only eating out once – twice a month you’d might as well have what you want and enjoy it, then if you eat out more often it might make sense to mostly go for the healthiest choices, but of course that balance is different for each of us. What is your approach to eating out? 

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