I LOVE Halloween. It is one of my favourite ‘holidays’ of the year. I have some wonderful memories from when I was a child as my sister and I would put my Mam’s green eyeshadow (it was the 80’s!) on our faces, a black bin liner on as a dress and then top it off with a pointy hat to become witches. Luckily, Halloween fancy dress costumes have come a long way since then!

As fun as Halloween can be, it’s not exactly the healthiest of occasions. I can remember eating so many sweets I thought I was going to throw up! Now of course, Halloween parties aren’t just for the kids and us adults can use it as an excuse for a party too! Whether your Halloween party is for kids, adults or a mix of both, I think there is a balance to be had on the healthy front. Let’s face it, how boring would it be with no sweets at all? So instead of being all or nothing, I would try and simply add in some of the naturally healthy activities and foods that come with the occasion…

Apple Bobbing

Apple bobbingsource

Apparently apple bobbing originated in the British Isles as a game linked to fortune telling where you would grab the apple with your mouth take off some peel and then pass it around your head before throwing it over your shoulder where it should land in the shape of the letter of your true loves first name. Whether you believe in divination or not, apple bobbing is a great game to play at Halloween – just make sure the kids eat their apples before going crazy with the sweets!



If you’ve been reading this blog over the last few months you’ll know I love my pumpkin and squash! Synonymous with Halloween, pumpkin is a perfect food theme and is healthy to boot! Try making some pumpkin soup, using pumpkin in a chilli or curry, in cookies or cakes for sweet treats etc. A pumpkin spice hot chocolate would be a great treat for kids and adults to round off the party. 

Green ‘monster’ smoothies and ‘vampire’ smoothies

IMG 0746

When I’ve done healthy eating activities with children and young people, I love getting them to try green smoothies. They are perfect for including at Halloween, and if you get them to join in making them it can be so much fun! Likewise, you can make a ‘vampire’ smoothie by blending some berries with a little bit of beetroot juice. 

Looking for costume inspiration? I think us Brits are slowly following the lead of the guys in the US by going for a wider range of costumes alongside the traditional witch / ghost / zombie. For example you can get glam rock fancy dress costumes if you want to channel the 1970’s look, colourful wigs and animal costumes – just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can go for! I love dressing up, so much so that I had a fancy dress party for my 30th birthday last year. Any excuse right?

Are you having a Halloween party this year? What would be your costume of choice? Any other ideas for making Halloween slightly more healthy for kids and adults?


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