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On Friday I did one of my favourite things to do in October: visit the farmers market. The farmers market is held at Monument in Newcastle on the first Friday of each month. Most months, you don’t tend to get any fruit and vegetable sellers, but in the autumn a couple turn up, often with a great selection of veggies! My autumn visits have become quite a personal tradition, I think I’ve done this for the past three years now. As well as a couple of things from the farmers market itself, I also raided the Grainger Market, Holland and Barrett and Waitrose:


I stocked up on more vanilla chai tea and some naturally sweetened mince pie filling ready for closer to Christmas. I also got some rainbow chard and squashes, the orange ones from the farmers market and the little kabochas from Waitrose. Then there was some harissa paste and curry powder, chilli cheese, fresh figs, cauliflower and blackberries. Quite a lovely haul of foodie goodies!

I had decided to make a day of my visit, so headed into town early for a treat breakfast:

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I couldn’t resist another Pumpkin Spice Latte with a delicious iced cinnamon bun. They tasted utterly gorgeous, but what a reinforcement of how sugary stuff makes me feel, I ended up quite bloated and had a real energy dip a couple of hours later. But it was kind of worth it ;-)

I had also booked my hair appointment for that day and on my way to town I had decided that it was time for a change:

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I’ve gone back to a bob! I’ve had my hair in this style on and off for years, and I really don’t know why I bother with anything else as I do feel this suits me the best. It was a bit messy after coming home in the wind and rain in that pic, but I really love it to bits! I had it done at Savannah an Aveda salon, and the stylist was excellent. I also had a complementary neck and head massage and hand and arm massage. It was ‘me’ day bliss!

As well as the treat breakfast I ended up grabbing a brownie from a farmers market stall on the way home:

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This should have tasted amazing, it was peanut butter with pretzels, but it was just meh. As I’m doing the Super Conscious Living Programme at the moment, I identified that I had grabbed this because I had allowed myself to get too hungry. I also noticed that when I have too much sugary food my hunger levels get seriously awry. If I had just had my treat breakfast and then a proper meal for lunch, I would have been fine. Lesson learned!

As well as market shopping and getting my hair done, I did a little clothes and beauty shopping:


I got the leave in conditioner at the hairdressers, the Dr Organic face scrub and deodorant from Holland and Barrett and the nail polish from Boots. I’m loving the nail polish, it feels so good to have my nails done! I also got these cheap and cheerful boots from Primark:

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Just £22! I needed some new black boots and thought these were a steal. As much as they are cheap, I have several pairs of shoes and boots from Primark that have lasted well with a lot of wear so I’m hoping these will be the same. 

Eats wise, I did make up for the meh brownie with a gorgeous dinner:


I made James and I home made organic beef burgers. I had mine on a chard leaf ‘wrap’ with spicy tomato chutney, cheese and red onions along with roasted kabocha squash and roasted broccoli. It’s good to have kabocha back in my life!

More good eats from this weekend include another cracking salad:


Just like the one I made last week, this included caramelised pears but instead of hazelnuts I used pecans and added some dried cranberries along with the goats cheese. Recipe coming in the Newsletter next week!

I also used up some of the market fruit in this lovely snack plate:


This was apple, figs and blackberries with yoghurt, tahini and honey plus a little fresh basil on top!

So it has been a really lovely weekend, Friday left me feeling nicely refreshed. Yesterday I visited my sister and saw my nephews and parents then I had to get down to some work, as I briefly mentioned I’m hopefully going to be delivering some courses in the community and the paper work is crazy! I did make sure I was finished up at my desk by 5.30 so I could enjoy dinner, then have a nice relaxing bath, followed by some dark chocolate. I think I’m doing well with my monthly pledge so far!

How has your weekend been? Do you visit any farmers markets? What’s your favourite thing to buy from them? 

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