Before I start telling you all about my week, I have to take a moment to celebrate the awesomeness of that salad. Pears caramelised in maple syrup, toasted hazelnuts, creamy goats cheese, peppery salad and balsamic dressing. I love my salads generally, but that one was lick-the-bowl-clean lush! I think I’ll have to share the exact recipe in the newsletter next week.  It has been a pretty great week of eats, take a look at this bowl of pumpkin porridge:


This was 1/2 cup of oats cooked in water with some egg whites cooked in, 1/3 tin of pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, maple syrup and topped with almond butter and dried cranberries. A big fat bowl of breakfast heaven! Workouts have been ok, but I’ve had to really kick myself up the back side to do them:

  • Saturday – REST
  • Sunday – Spinning
  • Monday – Gym – 30 mins cardio on the machines, 15 mins of weights, legs, chest and shoulders
  • Tuesday – Yoga meltdown level 1
  • Wednesday – Gym – 30 mins cardio on the machines, 15 mins of weights, legs, back and triceps
  • Thursday – 30 day shred level 2
  • Friday – Glorious fecking REST!

I have some lovely plans for today which I shall share in a mo, they most definitely include no workouts :-) I think it’s just because I’ve been adjusting to the dark mornings that my energy has been ‘off’ and workouts have been a little tougher. I know that I always feel better after doing them, and that is ultimately what get’s me to the gym on dark mornings! Post gym I have been back on green smoothies:

IMG 6297

I’ve had some cottage cheese in the fridge that needed using up so instead of protein powder I used that, along with spinach, a pear, some cinnamon and ginger and a few drops of vanilla stevia plus ice and water to blend. I could definitely get right into cottage cheese smoothies, they are very creamy!

IMG 6292

The weekend saw the return of brussel sprouts! I roasted them in the tin left after roasting the chicken, they were gorgeous, I love sprouts! I also had some swede, I wish I had roasted that too. As a treat for lunch at work, and also for taste testing purposes, I tried one of the My Goodness range of meals I mentioned in yesterday’s post:

IMG 6309

I had the Chicken Laksa and it was really good! Maybe a little salty, but very tasty and the ingredients list was decent for a meal such as that. Definitely a good emergency option when you can’t be arsed / have time to cook! Last but not least, yesterday I ‘treated’ myself to a bowl of berry protein fluff topped with chocolate peanut butter sauce and chopped nuts:


Oh it was so good! I was craving a big bowl of creamy deliciousness and that did the trick! On the Love List this week…


I don’t usually make a habit of eating baby food, but I do make an exception for these gingerbread men! Can anyone remember when these made the rounds on blogs a couple of years ago? They are great as they are organic and don’t contain any refined sugar. I love these little mini bags as they make a great take to work snack, as well as being the perfect size for dipping in some nut butter! Also…

The Facebook group for the Super Conscious Living Programme has been fantastic, such a great group of women supporting each other and learning loads about themselves, I’m so over the moon with it all! // this utterly brilliant post from Stefani at Paleo for Women, I read this on Monday and was quite moved by it, her talk about us women and seeing ourselves as sexy makes for a great and inspiring read // wrapping up warm  in my oversize hoody dress // slow cooked Moroccan stew, very excited to share the recipe for this one! // developing courses to deliver as a tutor in healthy living for adult community learning // having a good catch up with my work mates and being productive // listening to the new Haim album on Spotify // burning scented candles on my desk all day long // phone calls from my Mam and Dad

In case you missed it:

Today I am so excited to be having a ‘me’ day. I have a great day planned full of all my favourite things, I can not wait! Sometimes it’s the simple things like spending a day as you please that means so much. All part of my months pledge to de stress, I think it will do me good!
How has your week been? What’s on your Love List? Do you ever have a ‘me’ day? Have you found workouts and exercise harder now the days are darker?
P.S The winner of the Coconom Giveaway is Pip! Please send me an email with your address and I’ll arrange to have your prize posted to you :-)

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