Say hello to Basil! I got this cushion from Adsa for £9 yesterday, I thought he was quite cute! This weekend I got a few little things for updating the decor in the flat including a woollen throw for the bed, some new house plants, a shower curtain, bathroom storage and a randomly, a wok! We took a trip to IKEA and could’t resist the Daim bars:

IMG 6390

These are just so gorgeous, but very dangerous! I did quite well at not going completely over board with them. We made that shopping trip on Friday evening, and as we were out late, James had suggested a take away. Instead I thought we could have a look in Marks and Spencers for something. I had this spiced chicken with roasted cauliflower and yellow spilt pea dahl from the Delicious and Nutritious range:

IMG 6386

It was good, and certainly a better and just as tasty option as a take away, but it reminded me that I could have made something tastier myself from scratch if time hadn’t been an issue. To be fair I probably would have gone with the takeaway option if I had thought it wouldn’t take them 30 minutes to deliver the sodding thing!

I wore my favourite burgundy jeans that I bought when I was in Berlin:


It was quite reassuring to see this photograph, I know my hips have expanded but I’m pretty happy with my hourglass shape right now. 

Other, more healthy eats, have included:


I had some random things to use up so made a salad with black beans, lots of beetroot and some dressing made with tahini and apple cider vinegar. I used to eat vegan salads like this all the time, it was delicious! I’ve also been having a thing for yoghurt bowls:


This was roast squash and a chopped russet apple with full fat Greek yoghurt, maple syrup and a few chopped roasted salted almonds. For breakfast yesterday I fried a load of fruit in coconut oil and topped with the same combo of yoghurt, syrup and nuts:


I used a nectarine, two plums and several figs, they taste amazing when they have been cooked a little. I’ve also been loving my porridge:


This was pumpkin porridge topped with coconut butter. I always whip in an egg or some egg whites to make sure that there’s a good amount of protein, as oats sometimes don’t always keep me that full. This morning I had some with almond butter and jam:


That was before I went to my spin class, it was great! I definitely had some energy to burn off. Yesterday was a very relaxed day visiting my best friend and parents, then spending the rest of it watching random movies on Netflix (I recommend Grabbers, to any fans of fun Sci Fi) and reading magazines in bed with my wooly socks on! I hadn’t planned to spend the day like that, but all in line with this months pledge to de stress I found that had the opportunity to do so and it was bliss!

How has your weekend been? Have you bought anything new for your living space recently?

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