Autumn Footwear: Things to consider


Autumn Footwear: Things to consider


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I love boot wearing season! Boots of all kinds are definitely my favourite kind of footwear. As someone that has wide feet, boots are often the most practical, comfortable and stylish option for me. Over the last few years I have bought a wide range of boots, from knee high boots to lace up ankle boots to boots with a wedge heel. 

As the winter weather seems to have become progressively worse over the last 3 years, I now bear in mind if my boots are going to help to prevent me from slipping on the ice! Alongside those practical considerations, I also think about which boots are going to work best with different things in my wardrobe.

Things to consider when purchasing your Autumn footwear:

Material – I have fallen into the trap of buying suede boots and then ruining them with mud and rain water! You can get protective sprays now, but it’s always worth considering the material the boots / shoes are made from. Real leather boots, when looked after, can be a real investment item. Synthetic materials can also be a cheaper and sometimes more practical option.

Colour – Fashions change, and it’s worth considering if those berry red suede ankle boots will still work for you next season. Personally I tend to stick with black and brown for my boots and shoes in the autumn and winter months so that they will match with most items in my wardrobe.

Style – This is only something I really started to consider after reading this fantastic post all about when to wear knee high boots and when to wear ankle boots. Knee high boots, when worn with paler colours can make you appear shorter. It seems that ankle boots work with most outfits, although they may not be the most practical if we get snow!

Gabor Pride Tall Boots Ladies Leather Charles Clinkard

Fit – As I was saying, I have very wide feet so I do need to seek boots and shoes that will accommodate them, although out of all styles of footwear, boots tend to be the most forgiving! One big thing to think about in addition to your shoe size is your calf size. I know a lot of us girls that lift weights, run, or have more curvy frames, can struggle with finding knee high boots that fit our calves. Like wise, if you are more slender, you don’t want a pair of boots that ‘swamp’ your legs. The Gabor boots pictured above have a wide fitting leg with an adjustable buckle strap so would be great if you have bigger calves. 

Fashion – It can be tempting to follow fashion trends and get those over the knee stiletto heeled boots, but realistically, will you wear them? I tend to look for more classic styles that I know I’ll wear. Charles Clinkard sell a range of comfortable, practical yet stylish boots of all different colours, materials and styles. I think it’s all about putting together an over all outfit, and some boots that might look fairly basic as they are, can be brought up to date with the right clothing and accessories…

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Accessories – think tights and socks! I love the trend of wearing knee high socks that peek up over the top of your boots, or even actual boot toppers. I also love tights, especially thick ones for the cold weather. Considering what tights and socks you will wear, and how they could impact on the fit of the boots is a good idea too. For example, you might need to wear thick socks to stay warm in the winter, will the boots still fit comfortably if worn with a thick layer?

What do you look for in your autumn footwear?

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  1. Maria @ runningcupcake

    I love wearing boots- they are my favourite- I tuck my jeans into them, or wear them with leggings and dresses. I usually go for knee high boots (well nearly that high) as they keep me warmer and drier. I have some ankle ones which I like (cheap from Zalando) but I don’t wear them as much as they are not as warm and the sole is not as good on slippery pavements.

    • Laura

      Knee high boots definitely seem to be the most practical, I like them with leggings and dresses as well :-)

  2. Christina

    Every year I search for knee high boots but never really find any that I like. This year I’m determined to warm up properly – especially with long socks underneath!

    • Laura

      Hope you find some nice ones! Long socks are a must, I bought a great pair from H+M I think I need to go and buy some more!


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