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Happy Friday! Are you ready for the weekend? I would be, but I’m working tomorrow although it shouldn’t really be too bad. For me this week has just been about getting back into some kind of routine after our week away. There has been some good stuff, I took that random photo of the colourful rug we have in our training room at the office while I was delivering some social media training to staff and volunteers from community groups – my attempt to demonstrate how to use Instagram! Speaking of the office, we had some fun when I got a box of Metcalfe’s Skinny Popcorn:


Love these girls! Donna our office manager was amazed at the deliciousness of the chocolate drizzle variety.

As I said on Wednesday I’ve been dialling it up this week, but really that is just getting back to my normal eating routine. I’ve enjoyed a few green smoothies:

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At the weekend I made a big pan of my Lentil and Spinach Soup. I added some mild curry powder to the recipe and it was delicious:

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So perfect for a warming lunch! I got another Graze box delivery so I’ve been well looked after when it comes to snacks:

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I have been pretty useless with meal planning this week, I haven’t been sure what my evening meetings would be like so I’ve had some odd meals! I had a leftover pork and cranberry sausage chopped up with roasted sprouts:

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Last night we had sod all in the fridge (all of those groceries went quick!) so I ended up with a rather sad and messy looking spinach omelette filled with cream cheese:


Thankfully it was tastier than it looks!

Usually when dialling it up I would have preferred to add in an extra workout but this week I’ve been really short on time, and because I’ve worked extra hard in the workouts I have done, I haven’t felt up to squeezing in anything extra:

Workouts this week

  • Weekend: Rest
  • Monday: Gym – 3,2,1 style workout with 10 minutes of cardio intervals alternated with strength
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: 3,2,1 style workout with 10 minutes of cardio intervals alternated with strength
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: 3,2,1 style workout with 10 minutes of cardio intervals alternated with strength

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I did really push myself in those gym workouts and could really feel it the next day so I think I still found a good balance.

On the Love List this week…


This is my aunts Lemon Polenta cake, half demolished of course. I brought this home with me from Brighton and when my Mam and Dad came to see us at the weekend we shared it. Luckily my Mam took the remainder to my Grandma’s or else I would have been tempted to finish it off. Such a delicious cake, probably my favourite! Also…

Something fairly awesome happened this week, although it is kind of only a half win, it is really positive. Apologies for being cryptic, I will share next week I hope! // spending time with my Mam and Dad // feeling Christmassy // listening to Sarah Vaughan on Spotify to relax // wearing my new clothes // not feeling horrendously fat after my holiday // feeling lucky to work with such a great group of inspiring and supportive women

In case you missed it:

So I am working tomorrow, but after that it’s all good. As of Sunday I’ll be going into full on Christmas mode, I can’t wait to get the decorations up! I’m also looking forward to going back to spin class and we are off to a gig as well, busy busy!

I hope any readers from over the pond had a lovely Thanksgiving too!

What’s on your Love List this week? 

Do you have a fave ugly meal that actually tastes great? 

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