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Happy Sunday, hope you are having a good one! I’ve just come back from a great spinning class and after a dodgy night’s sleep I’m finally feeling ready to be a bit productive.

Yesterday we went out to the big shopping centre near us (Metro Centre for locals!) for a bit of a look around and to meet my parents for coffee which was lovely. I ended up buying another new coat!


However, this one is nicer than the one I got last week (and cheaper!) so the other one is being returned. As this one is plainer, I think it will be more wearable. £29.99 from Zara, you can’t go wrong! I also got a jumper from H&M. I’m trying to keep spending to a minimum, least of all to save what I have for spending on our holiday in Brighton next week. However, the weather is now firmly into the colder temps and I really could justify a new jumper to keep me toasty warm! Er, at least that what I keep telling myself…moving on!

Apples have been a bit of a reoccurring breakfast theme this weekend. Friday I had one with yoghurt and a piece of my gingerbread cake:


Yesterday it was with some peanut butter granola (recipe in tomorrow’s newsletter, sign up here if you want it!):


Then this morning before spinning it was accompanied by a slice of nutty ‘low carb’ bread (sent to review) with some tahini and honey on top:


On Friday evening I made a delicious Thai red chicken and spinach curry with steamed spring greens and cauliflower rice:

IMG 6696

IMG 6710

I logged a step by step guide for how I made the cauliflower rice on my Dayre account if anyone would like to see how to make it!

There has also been chocolate:


I really do adore that raw chocolate! I also had a little bag of Beyond Dark Chocolate drops:

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Hitting that healthy balance thing just right this weekend I think! You can see everything that I ate yesterday on Dayre. I did have something more traditionally healthy for lunch yesterday with a spicy chicken salad:


This is my go-to salad combo at the moment and I make it with tinned tuna and salmon as well. I just whack a load of greens in a bowl, add some chopped red onion, olives and some finely chopped jalapeño chilli from a jar, then a good drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Delish every time!

Well for the rest of the day I plan to make some Turkey Taco chilli, roast a chicken, make some raw snack balls and maybe bake some mini muffins. Good stuff! How’s your weekend going? Are you doing any cooking today? Have you tried cauliflower rice before? 

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