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Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’ve had an awesome week. Mine has been a busy one, on Tuesday and Wednesday I was at Greenfield Arts Centre providing some activities for their family fun days. We wanted to do something creative around health and well being so I did a huge Feel Good Wall collage! I brought lots of arts and craft materials, stickers and magazines to be cut up. People could also draw and write directly on the wall. It was brilliant!

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Just the act of thinking about the things that make you feel good can be really powerful, and it was lovely to look and see what makes other people feel good too. Food was clearly a big theme, but also family, friends, sports, pets, bottles of wine and so on. I had such a great time but was shattered afterwards! I still managed to get myself to the gym though:

Workouts this week:

  • Saturday – rest / standing up all day at a community event
  • Sunday – spin class
  • Monday – gym workout – 30 minutes on cardio machines, strength, plank hold
  • Tuesday – rest / working the community event
  • Wednesday – gym workout – 30 minutes on cardio machines, strength, plank hold / working the community event
  • Thursday – gym workout – 45 minutes cardio on machines, plank hold (no strength, feeling a bit sore!)
  • Friday – rest

Did everyone have a good Halloween? I made a tasty pumpkin based recipe I’ll be sharing soon, but I also used it as a good excuse to eat it all week, starting with some of my Thai Red Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup:


Earlier in the week I’d made a big mix up of roast squash, roast brussels and bacon:

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That was delicious! Yesterday morning I made some more pumpkin porridge:


I added almond butter and dark chocolate chips! Big thanks to my pumpkin for such deliciousness:

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I’ve also been enjoying persimmon:


With yoghurt and peanut flour sauce for breakfast. I even treated myself to some Pear, Ginger and Dark Chocolate chip cake for breakfast:

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I will definitely be having that again! Speaking of treats, the lovely Maria sent me a little bag of home made fudge and some green tea as a thanks for sponsoring her:


It was such a lovely surprise and the fudge tasted incredible!

On the Love List this week…


You all know I love my coffee, but whenever I have more than 2 cups I feel like you could peel me down off the ceiling. The only reason I haven’t gone for decaf instant before is that usually it’s not the best quality coffee. However I found this Clipper Super Special Organic Decaf in Tesco last week and I’ve been drinking it non stop! I love it with a bit of almond milk and as it’s instant it’s so much easier to make than having to faff on with the ground stuff. Also…

raw salted caramel sauce – another recipe coming soon! // crunchy apples // my work colleagues, they are just the best // sweet Facebook comments from my Dad // this article about how Instagram censored a woman’s body – disgraceful how people can be disgusted at what is a natural female body // getting stuck into watching The Blacklist // Dear Paleo, I quit over at Health Bent, more evidence of how bringing it back to your body and what works for you over dietary dogma is important 

This is not on the Love List for reasons you will see in a moment: yesterday James shaved off his beard so he could start Movember cleanly shaven. Freaked out doesn’t even come close! I’ve never seen him cleanly shaven, he looks like a different man. Big props to him raising money for charity (here is his Mospace!), but I want my bearded man back! I never realised quite how much I liked his facial fuzz. 

In case you missed it:

What’s on your love list this week? Do you know anyone growing a tache for Movember? How much pumpkin and squash do you think is safe to eat before you turn into one? ;-) Have a great weekend!

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