Happy Sunday everyone, hope you are having a great weekend so far! I’ve had a lovely weekend, which was extra nice after the meh one last week! On Friday I was in Newcastle for a client meeting so took the opportunity to hit the monthly farmers market again:


I used that kale to make the green smoothie pictured above. Just frozen banana, kale and almond milk. It reminded me why I love green smoothies so much! I also got some bones from the butcher and have some bone broth in the slow cooker right now. It’s been ages since I’ve made some bone broth and I’ve felt a strange craving for it to add to soups and stews. While I was in town I also had a sneaky look in the sales and found this gorgeous dress from Oasis:


It was just £15 and looks hot on me even if I say so myself! The gathering on the sides is good for skimming over my bumpy bits! I also got a new coat:


I had been after a Warehouse one, but when I tried it on I wasn’t sure how well it would work with the rest of my wardrobe. This is from Sainsburys, was much cheaper than the Warehouse one and had 25% off. They only had it in a UK 14 so it’s a little bit big, but should be handy for wearing thick jumpers underneath!

When we woke up yesterday I was surprised at how cold it was, there was even a frost on the ground! I made some oats without the oats – just my usual pumpkin scramble with an egg and egg whites but with added almond milk to make it more creamy:


I topped it with peanut butter and dried cranberries, delicious! I also decided to bake some of my healthy gingerbread cake:


This has to be one of my fave recipes on the blog, it is so perfectly moist and gingery! I had a square with some apple, yoghurt and home made raw salted caramel sauce:


The raw salted caramel sauce is amazing! I’ll have to post the recipe soon. I’ve also been eating yummy salads:


I’m loving beetroot at the moment, this also included mackerel, olives, jalapeños and balsamic. For dinner I made fabulous beef burgers with roast kabocha and roast cauliflower and brussels:


Then last nights dinner was my Harissa chickpeas and courgettes with lemon tahini sauce:


Simple but yummy! 

Other than a bit of baking and cooking I’ve been cracking on with work and cleaning the flat. My Mam and Dad called round as well which was lovely :-) To relax last night I had treated myself to some magazines to read:


There are some great recipe ideas in the Jamie magazine, it got me all excited for Christmas food!

How has your weekend been so far? Are you planning on buying a new winter coat?

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