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I have been such a snack monster this week. Just as I was saying on Wednesday, I know it’s something that comes with this time of year so I’m trying to go with it and not stress, however I have had to get firm with myself when I feel like snacking later in the evening, that never ends well. I hate going to bed feeling stuffed to the gills!

I’ve been snacking away on my Graze boxes:

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Black pepper pistachios, these are starting to become my favourite nut! I’ve also been loving these Nakd bits I was sent to review:


Fabulous, but in nibble bites like that, pretty dangerous. I could have easily polished off the bag in one sitting!

Luckily, to counteract some of that snackiness, my workouts have been excellent.

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I’m super chuffed that I’ve busted through the mental block I had seemed to have had when it comes to working out at home. I did a Freelectics workout, and even though I did modifications I was nearly dead at the end of it! Yesterday I also did the 30 Day Shred Level 2 DVD. I think my working out at home issue is because we only have one big room in our little one bed flat, which also includes my desk, and recently when I’ve tried to workout in the living room, I’ve just wanted to crack on with work instead! However, I just needed to have a firm word with myself and bingo, workout done! I’ve also been hitting the gym:

Workouts this week

  • Saturday + Sunday: Rest / Hungover!
  • Monday: Gym 3,2,1 style workout
  • Tuesday: Freelectics workout
  • Wednesday: Gym 3,2,1, style workout
  • Thursday: 30 Day Shred Level 2
  • Friday: Rest 

After the gym I’ve been back on the green smoothies, although I made the stupid mistake of adding ice to this one:

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I was freezing again, lesson learned. I’ve also been having more Winter Superfood Salads like the one I posted yesterday:


This was greens, persimmon, maple salted nuts, feta, frozen pomegranate arils and balsamic vinegar. FYI, freezing the pomegranate arils was such a great idea. I often see them on offer, so getting a couple together, de seeding them and then freezing them so you can add a few arils to salads as and when, is so handy!

On the Love List this week…

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Is there any better Christmas film than Elf? Well maybe Scrooged with Bill Murray which has also been watched this week. On Sunday I had spent a Christmassy afternoon wrapping gifts and watching Elf. I’m planning another Sunday afternoon like that this coming weekend! Also…

swede chips with ketchup // doing the tarot cards with the girls at work // beautiful sunrises // getting some really great nights sleep (although I did have a crap night’s sleep after them!) // Skype call with the lovely Dannii from Hungry Healthy Happy // sencha green tea // generally planning for Christmas, next week is my favourite week of the year!

In case you missed it:

What’s on your Love List this week? Do you have a favourite Christmas film? How do you get your workout mojo back?

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