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Hello everyone, hope you are having a better Sunday morning than me. I’m rocking another lovely hangover, but as a result of a great day out at least! My Sister in Law and I decided to have a girls day out so we met up in town to go for pizzas, cocktails and red wine. That was Katy’s cocktail, an oak martini that had some kick to it! I had a ‘Spice to Meet You’:

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We had went to Pleased To Meet You for a posh cocktail fix, lovely!

Outfit of the Day:

P1150957Dress: TK Maxx, belt: so old I can’t remember where it’s from, owl necklace: Primark, purple tights: H&M, ankle boots: New Look

 Lunch was from Pizza Express*:

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I had the Pandana pizza from the Leggera range of lighter options. This was delicious and I have to say it was nice to have a pizza that didn’t leave me feeling completely bloated. The centre of the pizza is missing and filled with salad which I hadn’t been expecting! I also got one of the lighter dessert options:

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This was the Semi Freddo Dolcetti which was also lovely and just a nice size. I really enjoyed the meal although the pizza was served a little cold and the brownie that Katy had for dessert was rock solid! They are also fairly pricey with my pizza costing over £9. I do think it’s brilliant that restaurants are offering lighter options and I felt so much better finishing that meal, satisfied but not bloated, than I would usually when eating out. 

After that we drank more wine before I got the train home. I was not in any fit state I have to admit!

I had also been in Newcastle on Friday to meet a client and get my hair cut. I picked up some goodies from Aveda after getting my hair done:


I love the Madder Root conditioner for red hair and was chuffed to be able to get some of the Aveda tea. I also bought a big winter scented candle and a tangle teezer brush. I also went and bought a few bits and pieces from Waitrose:


I can’t wait to dive into that box of medjool dates!

Eats have included a lot of porridge!


I’m making the most of the sweet mince pie filling while it’s festive – here with apple porridge and some peanut butter. I also made some healthy ‘nutella’ porridge before my spin class yesterday morning:


So delicious! After spinning I just had time to chug down a green smoothie while I was getting ready to go out:

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Then when I got back, and had spent a few hours sobering up, I made one of my favourite ‘good for your soul’ meals:


Melty cheese on toast can not be beaten when I’m feeling a bit rough. This was just the best!

Do you have a favourite ‘recovery’ food? Whether that’s from self inflicted illness or not ;-) Have you tried any of the Leggera menu from Pizza Express? What do you think about having calorie counts available when you eat out?

*my pizza was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review

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