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Hello everyone, hope you are having a wonderful week. I’m walking round with a big smile on my face most of the time, this is my favourite week of the year – I love the run up to Christmas as much as the day itself! Yesterday I received my order of beautifully illustrated cards from the insanely talented Lauren Radley – who also created the strawberry tattoo illustration in my header and has supplied me with a few other illustrations. I just love her work, plus she is an awesome person all round! Coming home to that delivery put me in an excellent mood after a bit of a stress on earlier in the day. 

These are my eats and goings on from yesterday. After lemon and warm water I made a sweet butternut squash scramble for breakfast:


I had roasted some squash for dinner the night before and the leftovers went perfectly mixed with scrambled eggs, cinnamon and a topping of almond butter. I also made myself a big pot of coffee:


I usually drink my coffee black but recently I’ve been loving it with some unsweetened almond milk.

I worked at home for a couple of hours as I had an appointment at the doctors for my routine blood tests (part of my ongoing hormonal issue saga). I had also been due an appointment with the consultant at the hospital but just before I was due to leave I got a phone call cancelling my appointment as they had lost my records. Bloody brilliant. Then when I went for my blood test they couldn’t get blood out of me so I left feeling like a pin cushion with plasters on both arms. Fun and games eh! Anyway, I had a moan to James on text and my colleague at work, then I felt a bit better after snacking on a Graze flapjack:


Very tasty indeed! Lunch was a bowl of my Lentil and Spinach Soup:


I also had an apple:


I came home from the office a bit early to finish some things off at home. I felt a bit peckish again so had a bowl of semi frozen cherries with organic pouring yoghurt:


I adore that Court Lodge organic pouring yoghurt, I need to remember to stock up every time I’m in Waitrose!

After that I debated whether or not to workout. I had a moment of feeling lazy then gave myself a talking too – I knew I would feel refreshed with some movement so I searched for a quick, intense 15 minute workout on YouTube and found this Bootcamp one from Sarah Fit. It certainly did the trick, I was quite knackered by the end of it. I definitely have no excuse to not fit in a quick workout over the next couple of weeks!

For dinner I cooked a home made organic beef burger I had stored in the freezer along with some parsnip chips and brussels sprouts and spring greens stir fried in coconut oil:


With ketchup too of course! Those parsnip chips where the bomb, will be having plenty more of those while they are in season!

I thought about having a dessert but I wasn’t really that hungry, plus I’ve got 3 meals out this week so plenty of opportunities to indulge. I had a hot chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth:


Not a bad day of eats considering I felt like inhaling a bar of chocolate after the stress on that morning!


Are you ok with needles? I used to be so scared of getting blood taken but I’ve had to get used to it recently! Have you written all your Christmas cards out yet? Guess what I’m off to do right now…

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