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Well the New Year is as good an excuse as any to make a few changes! Rather than posting my usual weekly wrap up style posts on a Friday, I’m going to try blogging them on a Sunday under the heading of Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link. I think It would be nice to get to the end of 2014 with 52 Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link posts to look back on!
How has the first few days of 2014 been for you? As I was saying on Friday I feel pretty much back into the swing of things now. I’ve been really enjoying filling in my Q&A a day 5 year journal that I received as a gift from my Sister. You can get one from Amazon. I keep it on my desk to remind me to fill it in. It’s really fun to do and will be amazing to look back on.
It’s all been about getting back to my normal healthy meals this week. Some of my favourites have included…
Salad with lentils avocado beets and tahini dressingsalad with greens, lentils, beetroot, avocado and tahini dressing
Warm smoothie
My feed your face warm smoothie topped with pistachios and coconut 
Oats with pear gojis and walnutsporridge with pear, walnuts and goji berries
Venison steak with sweet potato wedges and roast brussel sprouts
venison steak with sweet potato wedges and roast brussels sprouts
Smoothie with kale and berries
smoothie with kale, mixed berries, vanilla whey protein powder, maca and a little ice topped with flaked almonds and dried cranberries
I’ve planned most of my meals for next week as it’s sure to be a busy one!



 Workouts this week:

  • Monday: Gym – 10 mins HIIT on each – cross trainer, step machine and bike, squats and chest presses with bar, plank, 45 mins
  • Tuesday: Circuit workout from Pinterest and Kettlebell exercises, 30 mins
  • Wednesday: Yoga Meltdown DVD Level 2, 30 mins
  • Thursday: 15 minute run
  • Friday: This kettlebell workout from You Tube, 20 mins
  • Saturday: 45 minute spin class
  • Sunday: Rest 

Short and sweet has been the name of the game this week! With the gym being closed over New Year I’ve been getting back into home workouts and I’m still enjoying my short outdoor runs which I hope to keep up once a week. I hadn’t planned to workout 6 days out of 7, but as the workouts where pretty short that has worked well. Plans for next week include my first Metafit class, wish me luck!


Zara coat accessorize bag

I’ll be honest, since New Years Day I have mostly been wearing yoga pants and a jumper while I’ve been working at home! I’m definitely ready to dress a bit more smartly when I’m back in the office next week. What I have loved wearing is my black coat from Zara with a big scarf to keep me warm, along with my new handbag from Accessorize. 


I’ve consciously been reducing my coffee down to one cup a day in the morning. I really savour it. What has made it easier during the day is having some alternatives to green tea, so I’ve been drinking rooibos with almond milk and then on an evening some Aveda tea. Also…

my nephews – just seeing them play and smile and giggle brings me a lot of joy // an afternoon with my best friend and her little girl // reading the goals of the guys that are participating in the Feeling Fabulous course // candle lit baths // quiet early mornings at my computer with coffee // Sherlock back on the BBC // feeling focused and motivated


Oh and if you need to do a tax return before the end of the month, check out the Tax Return Tool Kit from One Man Band Accounting! 

How has your week been? Are you feeling back into the swing of things? Tell me about an eat, move, wear, love or link!

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