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I’ve been a green smoothie addict this week, they just seem to be hitting the spot! I think it’s my body readjusting itself after Christmas and that’s fine by me, although Christmas and New Year seems like a distant memory. I am pleased that I’ve managed to avoid the slight downer I sometimes get at this time of year. Maybe it’s the green smoothies, the good workouts or the nice things that have happened this week, more on that in a mo!


I’m quite pleased that I’ve found a good groove with things this week, I start the day with my warm water and lemon, then I have one cup of organic coffee before I switch to green tea or my current favourite, rooibos with almond milk. Breakfasts have been smoothies, eggs, coconut flour bakes or porridge, salad or soup for lunch, smoothie or coconut flour muffin for snacks and then some good quality meat or fish with veggies for dinner. 

P1160379Oatless porridge (made with two eggs, pumpkin, almond milk) topped with almond butter and coconut shreds

P1160485green smoothie with spinach, kale, pineapple, vanilla grass fed whey protein powder topped with cacao nibs and coconut shreds

P1160352Blueberry coconut flour bake topped with almond butter

P1160356Salmon, half a sweet potato, lots of roast brussels sprouts

P1160448Slow cooked organic beef stew with steamed broccoli

Yesterday we went out to town to meet James Sister, Dad, and his wife for a meal as we hadn’t got together over the Christmas period. We went to an Italian and I had a big bowl of arrabiatta pasta, which was delicious but made me feel soooo yuck afterwards. The menu was pretty limited and I was feeling quite cold, so a salad wouldn’t have been great. At least I enjoyed it while I ate it though!

Oh, and a quick FYI, I’ve had a few people ask me about ideas for meal planning and what I have so I’m going to start sharing my meal plan for the coming week on Facebook each Sunday evening. If that kind of thing interests you then stop by and say hello!


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  • Monday – Gym – 3,2,1 workout
  • Tuesday – 15 minute intermediate workout from the Yoga Studio app
  • Wednesday – Gym – 3,2,1 workout
  • Thursday – 20 minute run
  • Friday – Metafit class
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Spin class

It’s been great to have such an active week! Metafit was awesome. I thought I was going to puke at the end of it, but in a good way if that is such a thing! If you’ve never heard of it, basically its a short intense workout packed with bodyweight exercises that are designed to get your heart rate to the max! I actually surprised myself, I think I’m fitter than I give myself credit for. Big thanks to Ray for encouraging me to go with her! 


I’ve had a strange week with clothes, I’m not feeling 100% comfortable at the moment and I’ve found that all I’ve wanted to do is hide in leggings and giant jumpers. I’m glad that I took this pic as I needed reminding that I haven’t transformed in a whale:

IMG 7844Dress from the Oasis sale 

IMG 7924scarf H&M, biker jacket: Warehouse, jumper: Primark, bag: Accessorize, unseen vintage dress

James took that picture of me yesterday, it was bloody freezing! I did get excited when I saw the epic amount of workout clothes in Primark:

IMG 7896

Lots of pink! I got a pair of black yoga style pants for £5, they feel reasonable quality and as far as I’m concerned a women can never have too many pairs of black yoga style pants! I’m planning a post on affordable workout gear soon so watch out for that.


HEadspace Fit Journeyimage credit

Last Sunday I started the Take 10 programme using the Headspace app. Stress is something I have to be aware of and I’ve wanted to try meditation for a long time but it has never stuck. I find that guided meditations work well for me so I’ll be trying out more apps in the coming weeks. I am feeling more zen like from my daily 10 minutes of relaxing! Also…

Seeing some lovely things written about the blog this week (more on that in a moment!) // the amazing community going on at the 12 Weeks to Feeling Fabulous and Super Conscious Living Programme Facebook pages // reminiscing about last summer and planning the summer we have coming up // looking through old vinyls in charity shops // having the best coffee with mini milk bottle at Pink Lane Coffee


How has your week been? Have you tried Metafit? Have you tried meditating?

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