How to create a healthy work space


How to create a healthy work space



We spend so many hours of our lives at work, it makes sense to really consider how we can make the place we work a healthy, happy space to be in! I used to despise working in a big shared office when I worked for a local authority, and I am incredibly lucky to now have my own office away from home and a small workspace at home. I’ve made a lot of effort to create a place where I feel happy, healthy and inspired. Here’s some of the things I considered:


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I hate harsh lighting, especially the typical strip florescent lighting you get in most offices. If you have the option, either move the desk to a space with good natural light, or try using lamps instead. I have a desk lamp and then lamps in the corner of the room which creates a much more relaxing and comfy space. 

Choose your desk well

Opuzdesk 1

Your choice of desk (if you have that option) is probably one of the most important things to think about. Is it big or small enough? Sturdy enough? Does the design and materials it is made from suit your space? Furniture Plus Online has a great range of good quality desks in various designs. I love the stylish Opus Oak desk pictured above. 


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If you don’t have the right storage then you’ll never be able to focus on your work amongst all the clutter! Having some drawers or pretty boxes can help and are a little nicer to look at that typical steel filing cabinets. For bits and pieces on the desk, try jars or vintage bowls for storing pens and paperclips. 


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There are some gorgeous office chairs available, but as lovely as they may look consider if they will be comfortable when you’ve been sitting in it all day!


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We all know that drinking water is good for us and if you are sat at a desk all day even more so! Have some space for a water bottle or cup of herbal tea as pride of place. Try buying a nice coaster!


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I can’t have a space with no green in it. I just can’t! It’s one of my quirks / weirdo things. It is for good reason though, having some plants around helps to oxygenate the air and I’m sure that just seeing some green and leafy relaxes you.

Finishing touches and pretty things

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I LOVE my scented candles and have one on burning whenever I can, I find it helps me to feel relaxed. I also love having some fresh flowers when I can afford it, for similar reasons to the plants. One thing I am huge on is having an inspiration board. Here’s the one I have in my office:

IMG 7830

Complete with OTT pink fairy lights! Another thing I’ve just done is add a gratitude jar to my desk so that whenever something great happens I can jot it down on a post it and pop it in the jar. Whenever I need a pick me up I can read one of the notes!

I also keep my hula hoop near by which reminds me to take regular breaks and gets me moving my body and improving my mood!

I think that over all it’s about doing what you can to make your work space somewhere you actually want to spend time and you’ll be so much more productive!

What things would you consider in creating a healthy work space?

*post in partnership with Furniture Plus Online

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  1. Karen O'Connor

    Laura, ever tried making your own standing desk? I’ve seen them but they’re really expensive and wondered if you’d come across a cheap/DIY version? I’m meaning the ones with a treadmill so you can walk and work (in theory!) I’d love to try one because I seem to spend all day sitting on bum and I know how bad this is.

    • Laura

      I haven’t, and this is something I’ve been thinking about as I also worry about how much time I spend sitting on my bum! I have seen people making their own version using stacking crates just piled up on top of the desk. I guess anything that raises the keyboard and monitor to eye level will work. Not sure about the walking desks with the treadmills though!

  2. Georgia

    Great tips- as a student my accommodation is pretty basic and I really struggle to do my Uni work in my flat as it is so uninspiring… If I owned my own place I would definitely be doing all these tips!! Till then I think I will continue going to the library…:)

    • Laura

      Get yourself a pin board to fill with pretty things! If you can’t knock nails in to the wall try just standing it up against the wall. I think that alone can make a big difference!

  3. Sarahf

    I actually moved desks last year to be next to the window, and also away from the air conditioning unit, which made my working life so much more comfortable. I definitely need to get some better storage options when I move, my desk at work is chaos! I love the idea of a inspiration board with fairy lights! Another thing to work into my new place!

  4. Rachel

    Ha ha I was chuckling as I saw this post as I literally had to climb over piles of stuff on the floor to get to the computer! It’s in the small bedroom (in your typical 3 bed semi) and my husband has been sorting through papers and shredding stuff and there are boxes and bits & pieces everywhere! My desk at work is a standard desk that we have to leave clear when we go, as it’s a ‘hot desk’ that anyone can use. I would so love one day to have a lovely workspace like this, mainly for my crochet things but for my work stuff too. Too much other stuff to do with the house first!

    • Laura

      Oh I hate hot desks! Grr! We only have a one bed flat so my desk is in the corner of the living room, I guess that forces me to keep it tidy!

  5. Nicole Marie Story

    OH I love this. My apartment is clean and fresh like an Apple Store. My sawhorse desk by the pottery barn is huge play into this. No paper files. Everything’s electronic. Everything has its perfect place. I will do an article on this, in the future. I LOVE my clean space. Yours is very pretty, too. xo

    • Laura

      I saw a glimpse of your clean space on your blog yesterday, wish I had the space to live like that, very jealous of your apartment!



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