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On Friday night James and I headed to the Boiler Shop Steamer pop up event – the same event we went to just before Christmas. It happens once a month in an old railway warehouse behind Central Station in Newcastle. It has a great mix of local food and music – so perfect for a foodie like me and a music junkie like James! The food at this event was way better than at the last one, I was completely spoilt for choice. Some of the vendors included local bakeries, a pizza van, lots of different ethnic food, coffee etc. I had to try the super healthy offerings from Wheatberry of course…


IMG 8488

I had a small salad bowl with raw hummus and tahini lemon dressing. It was delicious! I also had a gourmet sausage in a bun and a couple of non alcoholic fruit cocktails (as I was driving):

IMG 8492

We didn’t stay at the event too late as I was knackered, and stuffed, but we really enjoyed seeing local band Iceni who are brilliant.

Other eats from this week…

IMG 8511Dorset cereals simply muesli with lots of fresh blueberries and unsweetened almond milk

IMG 8390fresh pineapple with coconut milk chia pudding and goji berries

IMG 8357Kiwi fruit, 2% greek yoghurt, granola, chia seeds

IMG 8374porridge with an egg cooked in, pear, almond butter and goji berries

IMG 8388Cottage pie made with lots of veggies, organic minced beef, cauli mash and cheese

IMG 8379salmon, spinach, avocado with balsamic, so delicious!

IMG 8382Some gorgeous snacks from this weeks Graze box

IMG 8406Love this popcorn for snacking!

There has of course been several green smoothies – I’ve really been enjoying a blend with kale, banana, pear and grass fed vanilla whey protein with some coconut oil added. 


IMG 1048

Workouts this week:

  • Monday – Gym workout 3,2,1
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – Gym workout – quickie in 30 minutes
  • Thursday – Yoga workout (just doing my own thing)
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – Yoga workout from Yoga Studio app
  • Sunday – Spinning

This has been a weird workout week for me, I’ve been busy and tired and sometimes workouts just have to go on the back burner, although I do feel the effects of not exercising. A bit of a catch 22 there! Next week I’ll be out of my routine again but I am hoping to get in the gym a bit more often.


IMG 8478green scarf: H&M, leather biker jacket: Warehouse, stripy jumper: H&M, floral skirt: Vintage, green tights: H&M, buckle ankle boots: Fenwick

I wore that outfit for the Boiler Shop event but had to change into a bigger coat before I left as I thought it would be too cold. I was right about that! Yesterday I also found a couple of bargains in Asda Living:

IMG 8517

A long sleeved gym / running top and an oversized sweat shirt – which I can’t wait to wear around the house, I love snug lounge wear like that! They were only £5 each, bargain!


Erin boyle apartment 8 remodelista house callsource

James and I are starting to think more seriously about looking for a new place to live. This makes me incredibly excited! I adore our little flat, but we just need more space. Ah, so exciting! Also…

Some absolutely brilliant sessions with the girls I working with as part of the project I’m working on with some local schools, we talked about what ‘healthy’ is and some facts and myths around food // getting tickets to see Maximo park in March and listening to the new album on Spotify // a great article in The Simple Things about doing what you love rather than chasing a work / life balance // planning future Feel Good Factory Projects with my business partner Gillian // phone calls from my Mam and Dad


Next week James is off from work and it’s his birthday so I’m taking time off from my charity job and the my school projects are on a break for a couple of weeks so I’m going to put my other work on the back burner and have a bit of a week off! January was very busy for me, as has this first week of February so I’m looking forward to spending some time working on my self care pledge next week. 

How has your week been? Have you ever been to a pop up food or music event? What are you loving this week?

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