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This week has been full of treats, that amazing hot chocolate at Intermezzo for starters! James and I have spent a few days together and it’s been lovely and very recharging. We like to take some time off together at this time of year for James birthday and we save the money we’d usually pay on council tax (we get Feb and March free when we have paid up!) for days out. More treats have been enjoyed in the form of…


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A delicious lamb burger with harissa mayo and minted feta along with some chunky chips shared between James and I. We finally got round to trying the Gourmet Burger Kitchen and it did not disappoint!

Other eats have been a little random this week, lots of snacks and quick and easy meals…

IMG 8650corn cakes topped with avocado, tahini, honey and sea salt

IMG 8524green smoothie with kale, banana and peanut butter

IMG 8531persimmon and pear with 2% greek yoghurt and cashew butter

IMG 8648carrot, peach and cucumber Vegesentials juice

IMG 8600corn cakes with different nut butter toppings including almond butter, cashew butter and peanut butter, plus banana


IMG 8657

Workouts this week:

  • Monday – yoga – from a new app I’m trying out
  • Tuesday – Gym – 10 minutes cross trainer, circuit of weights machines, 10 minutes bike
  • Wednesday – 30 minute yoga flow from Yoga Glo
  • Thursday – Gym – 10 minutes cross trainer, strength training (squats, lunges, press ups, shoulder raises, tricep kickbacks) 10 minutes bike
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Spin class

With me being in holiday mode I haven’t had my usual workout routine but I am happy with what I managed to do. In Thursdays workout I must have pulled a muscle in my thigh as it was very painful on Friday, hence the rest days. I was also really happy to sign up with Yoga Glo again. I love yoga and I’m hoping that will help me put more focus on it for the future.



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With the weather being so nasty this week (I hope everyone is ok down south!) I’ve been wrapping up warm with my beanie hat! That dress was from Asda in the sale and I wore it with my favourite statement necklace from Accessorize. 

For the gym, I’ve been loving some new gym wear from Matalan I was sent to review:

IMG 8654


I’ve been wearing the active ankle length leggings (£12) and the active t shirt (£10). I like the bright colour of the top, but the leggings are my favourite, very comfortable and such a good price!


IMG 8623

This weeks love is two fold, firstly I really enjoyed looking round the shops and when I spotted the huge selection of scented candles in John Lewis I was over joyed! Then, completely by surprise, an online friend who had seen me post that pic on Facebook sent me a voucher for John Lewis so I could treat myself. I was so moved by her kindness, she is one of the most thoughtful people I know and beautiful inside and out, she knows who she is! Also…

Popchips // James loving the Ukelele I bought him for his birthday // lie ins // apples and pears // Newcastle // a lovely phone call with my friend Kate // showing James my office at work // snow // a big day for me getting closer


It has been a great week but boy am I missing my usual routine, the lie ins have been fab but I think the cost of those is going to be some killer 6 am alarms! How has your week been? Do you thrive on routine or change? Give me an eat, move, wear, love or link from your week!

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