11 weeks Pregnant: Pregnancy Nutrition

Baby and Parenting

11 weeks Pregnant: Pregnancy Nutrition

Baby and Parenting

11 weeks pregnany nutrition

Ah week 11 has been tough! On Tuesday morning I experienced my first actual sickness which obviously wasn’t pleasant, and the tiredness has really hit me this week too. I have started feeling some ‘pulling’ sensations at the sides of my stomach from the groin up, which I think is just my pelvis and muscles stretching to get bigger. As of yesterday I feel like my belly has popped out a little bit more! Ive also been keeping an eye on my weight which give or take a couple of pounds is right on track for this stage in my pregnancy.

I did have an awesome pregnancy exercise session with the PT at the gym. It was completely un planned, I told her I was pregnant and she offered to have a session with me and give me a plan to follow. She was awesome, more on that in a future post!

Today I wanted to focus in on pregnancy nutrition. Since I found out I was pregnant I’ve been trying to find out as much as I can on the topic, as obviously with my health coaching role I’m a bit of a nutrition geek at the best of times!

There’s the traditional advice given in the usual pregnancy books like What to Expect When You’re Expecting and the NHS booklets that focuses on fruit and veg, whole grains etc. I think all of that is fine, but where it falls down for me is the role of fats in the diet, as well as certain nutrients that are important for the development of the baby, and the health and wellbeing of mama. I know that I will be prone to things like stretch marks and varicose veins, so I was interested in foods I could eat that would help minimise or avoid those issues.

IMG 9085

Generally, my list of top nourishing foods are spot on for pregnant women to maximise nutrition, however as I have experienced, wanting to eat that way and actually being able to are two different things. My food aversions and nausea have made it very hard to eat the best foods, what I have tried to do is eat the best that I can. When all I wanted was cheese on toast I choose organic cheese, when I wanted crisps I choose Popchips. When I fancied cereal I choose Bear Nibbles coconut nectar sweetened alphabites. I haven’t been perfect, there has been pizza and chocolate, but over all I’ve done the best I can. Green smoothies have been a great way to make sure I’m getting in some leafy green vegetables when salads have not appealed.

I’ve also found that eating smaller regular meals has helped me to manage my tiredness and nausea, and right now I eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day.

The main thing to do is not to stress about it. I know I ate pretty well before we conceived and I will be able to eat properly after the first trimester, if you eat well usually, you’ll be fine.

As I said, fat isn’t given the focus it should have in most mainstream pregnancy diet info. Babies brains and nervous systems are made of fat and fat soluble minerals support the growth and development of the foetus. I’ve been trying to get as much good quality fat in as I can, particularly from coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut yoghurt, avocado, chia seeds, butter (I’ve craved butter!), whole eggs, salmon and organic beef. I’ve also had plenty of nuts, nut butter and seeds. Those foods offer a range of fats that will support the development of the baby such as omega 3’s. They also provide fat soluble nutrients such as choline from egg yolks which are vital (more on this is a mo) and vitamin K2 from butter.

IMG 8992

To keep it simple, I think eating a good balanced range of foods with a focus on good quality fats, while minimising processed foods, and most importantly of all, listening to your body, is the best way to approach pregnancy nutrition. In the first trimester, I think you just have to do the best you can and perhaps try and make smart choices for the things you can stomach.

There are some key nutrients that can be helpful in pregnancy, so in addition to the basic approach outlined above, I’m trying to eat foods that will maximise these nutrients:

  • Omega 3 fats – oily fish such as salmon and mackerel as well as chia seeds and walnuts are good sources
  • Folate – Folic acid, or vitamin B9 is advised as a supplement for all pregnant women and those trying to conceive to help prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida. As well as the supplemental form, getting actual folate from leafy green veggies, root veggies and nuts is just as important.
  • Vitamin C – This helps your body to absorb iron as well as supporting the production of collagen for tissues and cartilage, and helping to reduce stretch marks. I’ve been craving things like bell peppers which are high in vitamin C, as are tomatoes, leafy greens, strawberries, goji berries etc
  • Iron – A woman’s blood volume increases significantly in pregnancy. As far as I’m aware, you should have your iron levels monitored by the mid wife anyway, but making sure you are getting plenty of iron rich foods, eaten with vitamin C where possible, such as good quality red meat (I’d always recommend organic), almonds and eggs and you should get enough.
  • Choline – Choline plays a role in brain development, so it’s good to make sure that you are getting this nutrient from somewhere. It’s present in egg yolks, but also soy lecithin (great if you are vegan!). I bought some non GMO soy lecithin to add to smoothies occasionally.
  • Collagen – Collagen is used to support the production of connective tissues and cartilage. It’s also good for skin elasticity for Mama! I’ve been using home made bone broth which I’d made a while ago and froze, in soups and stews recently. I’ve also been adding hydrolysed collagen to smoothies and my pregnancy mocha drink, which I’ll share more on soon.

I have another post planned on supplements in pregnancy, but it’s always wise to do your best to get nutrients from food sources as much as possible any way. 

Some online resources I’ve also found useful include:

There are of course certain foods to avoid in pregnancy including raw dairy products, un washed salad, under cooked meat etc. There’s also some herbs you need to watch out for which could be in herbal teas, for example if you have high blood pressure you need to watch for liquorice. You aren’t advised to eat runny yolks in pregnancy due to the risk of salmonella, however this is the one thing that personally I’m not worried about as my eggs are Lion marked from vaccinated hens. Lightly cooked yolks are better than cooked ones for me, although I’m not going to knock back raw egg yolks in smoothies just yet! Another thing I have done is almost cut out caffeine completely. They say you should be ok with up to 200mg a day, but as I’ve gone off coffee all together I’d rather just play it safe and leave it out for the first trimester at least. When I reach the second trimester I think I’ll re introduce green tea again.

There are also recommendations for certain foods to eat and teas to drink in the last trimester to make labour easier, but I’ll talk about them closer to the time.

Right now I’m super excited (and a little nervous) about my 12 week scan next week, I can’t wait!

What do you think about nutrition in pregnancy? Did the way you eat change when you were pregnant? How do you think you would handle food aversions and cravings?

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  1. Jess

    I think the sensible approach to pregnancy and nutrition is to eat what you can stomach in the beginning, and then hopefully move back to a more normal diet if/when the sickness wears off. Really the only things you can do that are ‘wrong’ are to go to one extreme (barely eating at all) or the other (using the eating for two excuse to overeat, though I know you’d never do that!). I don’t know if you’ve seen these posts, but I think they’re both great and do a good job of putting the whole pressure on women to eat perfectly and exercise like crazy all of the time during pregnancy:



    Looks like another lovely weekend weather-wise, so I really hope you enjoy it :)


    • Laura

      OMG Jess that second link is awesome! Love it. Haha, made me feel better. I’ll have to watch how often I use the #fitpregnancy tag now as well ;-)

  2. Bron

    I are pretty healthily throughout my pregnancy but I found that food didn’t taste as good as it used to if that makes sense? I never really got any cravings and it wasn’t until I was breastfeeding that I started to feel overwhelming hunger!!! That was crazy. I gave up coffee for the first trimester too but that was as long as I could last! A girl’s got to have some vices ;-)

    • Laura

      Haha, well I’ve had no desire for coffee so far, but I kind of hope it comes back soon as it was something I enjoyed so much!

  3. AnnaA

    I’ve never been pregnant but i know basil oil (as in essential oil) is one that should be avoided. It’s good to hear that you’re getting advise from a personal trainer. I think you just have to eat what you can stomach when you’re feeling sickly. There’s no point forcing yourself to eat certain foods.

    • Laura

      Totally agree on not forcing yourself to eat certain things, I think you can try and make choices and try different versions but if you don’t like them you don’t like them, nothing worse than eating food that doesn’t satisfy you!

  4. Zoe

    Your diet sounds lovely. Butter, eggs, salmon, beef, avocado, mmmmmm!

    • Laura

      Haha I know, lucky me right!

  5. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    Sounds like a good diet to me! I am not sure that I would cope very well to being put off certain foods and craving others. Especially having lost so much weight and taking years to get my head round my new way of eating, that changing would totally throw me off. Just one of those things I would have to adjust to though :)

    • Laura

      To be fair it really threw me off in the first few weeks – not so much with what to eat, more to do with how much, eating helped the nausea so I feel like I might have been eating more than I needed. But just as you say, I’ve had a period of adjustment and I’m finding my groove again thank goodness!

  6. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    I find this so interesting and I’m not even pregnant! I just know when I do think about pregnancy and having a baby I’ll probably end up reading about a 1000 books and confuse myself to no end haha.
    Hopefully the tide will change about the healthy fat situation and pregnancy. I guess they just don’t want people to misunderstand and think they can eat the wrong kind of fats (or more likely, the processed junk).
    Hope the nausea gets better for you!

    • Laura

      Thanks Anna, I started reading loads of books, but then I had a moment when I realised I needed to trust my instincts more. I do need to do more reading about what to do when the actual baby arrives though!

  7. Tamzin

    I can’t really answer your question because I’m not and never have been pregnant but I love reading your findings and now If i ever am I will be coming back to these posts!

    • Laura

      Thanks Tamzin, I’m glad you’ve found the posts interesting!

  8. Aoife


    Ive read your blog sporadically throughout the years and always enjoyed it. I just so happened to coe back on today and I see you’re pregnant!

    So happy and excited for you, congratulations to you both




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