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I love to see snow drops at this time of year! This week has been pretty good although our heating has decided to pack in which is a bit of a nightmare. At least it’s happened now and not in the depths of winter though! I have had a decent week of eats and exercise which has helped me feel more like myself…


As I said, I’ve been eating well, apart from some proper pregnancy sickness one morning that resulted in breakfast being a bag of Popchips! Other than that, I’ve had some tasty meals:

IMG 9418Banana scramble oatless porridge with pecans and maple syrup

IMG 9529Pumpkin porridge with full fat Greek yoghurt – I had a can of pumpkin that needed using up, no matter how unseasonal it felt!

IMG 9519Pumpkin pancakes that were a bit of a fail, but tasted good all the same

IMG 9453Fresh green juice with cucumber, celery, ginger and lemon and an organic pink lady apple

IMG 9335Lovely salad with rocket, kabocha squash, mixed quinoa, rice and chickpeas (from a Waitrose sachet) topped with tahini and sweet miso dressing

IMG 9525Spiralised courgette with home made roasted tomato and red pepper sauce mixed with lentils and topped with olives

IMG 9428Smoothie with spinach, mixed berries, hydrolysed collagen and greens powder topped with tahini and gojis

IMG 9520green smoothie with kale, celery, banana, vanilla grass fed whey and sunflower lecithin granules

IMG 9533Pumpernickel with cherry jam and tahini

IMG 9436Sweet potato and kale hash topped with a fried egg

IMG 9413Home made organic beef burger with sweet potato, broccoli and ketchup

Those have all been pretty simple and easy to make meals as time has been a little tight this week, but it just goes to show I can still eat well on reduced time if I plan! I’m still posting my weekly meal plan on the Facebook page each Sunday evening so check it out if you are looking for meal ideas or are just a bit nosy ;-) Not pictured above is the raw chocolate I’ve been having after dinner most nights and a treat of some Hagen Daaz Salted Caramel ice cream I had on Friday. It was heavenly!


IMG 9415

Workouts this week:

  • Monday – Yoga and some core work at home
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – Gym – being taught a new programme
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – Gym – 10 mins cross trainer, 10 mins step machine, strength routine
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Spin class

It would have been nice to do more yoga this week, although I have started to make an effort to do some yoga type stretching, even if it’s just for 5 minutes a day. The highlight of my workout week was being treated to a bit of a personal training session by one of the girls that works in the gym. I mentioned that I was pregnant and she offered to help me put together a plan. It was great and I feel like I learned loads, we’ve looked at how to keep my cardio interesting without tiring me too much and she showed me some new versions of the strength training exercises I would usually do so I can continue them throughout the pregnancy. 


IMG 9423Shirt: Tu from Sainsbury’s, black jeggings: Primark, ankle boots: New Look

Jeggings have been doing a good job of stretching with my ever expanding pregnant belly. Slowly more of my wardrobe is becoming un wearable, plus I have this huge urge to have a massive clear out, part of my Spring Clean pledge at the start of the month I think. When I have time I’d like to really sort out all my clothes, get some on eBay and some to charity as well as putting some stuff into storage. I’m just sick of our bedroom being filled with clothes that I either can’t wear or don’t want to wear. Time for a good clear out!

My Style on Pinterest

I’ve been pinning loads of styles I like to my Style Pinterest board which probably doesn’t help the urge to chuck everything I own too!


5a4f89aafa28c050e049688d7a2a0987image source

We are putting our flat on the market next week! I’m super excited about making a move towards our new future. I just hope it sells ok, fingers crossed. I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, but I’ve already started looking at new properties in our price range and day dreaming about how I would decorate. Now we just need to get a new mortgage sorted! Also…

sunshine! // some great sessions with lovely clients // my Dad being a great supporter on my Facebook page // seeing myself in the mirror at the gym and looking ‘proper pregnant’ // salted caramel Hagen Daaz ice cream // early nights


Next week is going to be a busy and exciting one for me, I’m doing a training course for a few days and we have the 12 week scan! 

How was your week? Have you ever had a personal training session? Anyone else feeling the urge to have a good clear out?

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