Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #10


Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #10


IMG 9309

Morning everyone, hope you are enjoying your Sunday! I’ve had a pretty good week, on Friday night James and I went to the Boiler Shop Steamer pop up event again, it’s turning in to a little monthly date night for us. We enjoyed some blues music and food of course…


IMG 9307

This pizza was amazing! I’m certainly not a fan of frozen or takeaway pizza, but proper thin crust clay oven baked pizza is one of my favourite treats. This had mozzarella, basil and ham (on one side). So good. I also couldn’t resist the churros:

IMG 9313

I’ve always wanted to try them, but unfortunately these were just ok. Far too greasy for me, although the chocolate sauce was amazing!

On Tuesday I made some of my grain free 3 ingredient pancakes for dinner:

IMG 9173

I had them with avocado, honey and sea salt. It was lovely to hear of a few readers who made them too! That recipe is definitely going to be one I use again and again.

Other highlights from the week include…

IMG 9195

I’ve been making these blended coffee mocha drinks with Dandy Blend, cocoa powder, a little butter, a little coconut oil, 1 tbsp of hydrolysed collagen and some stevia. Butter, coconut oil and the collagen are real pregnancy super foods and this is a delicious way to get them. More on this mocha in a future pregnancy post!

IMG 9321

Yesterday morning I made some custardy oats with an egg whipped in (method and recipe for this coming!) topped with baby figs, tahini, honey and a little sea salt.

IMG 9156

For a quick and easy week night dinner I had a baked sweet potato with butter, some tinned salmon and red onion and spinach. It was really really good. I’m trying to get in the oily fish however I can stomach it so after this I’ve went and bought loads of tins of salmon!

IMG 9282

Another week night dinner was my cottage pie with cauli mash served with spring greens. Comfort food at its best.

IMG 9290

For a sweet snack I made some home made froyo by blending a tub of 2% Total Greek yoghurt with frozen blueberries and a splash of almond milk. A little granola made a lovely topping.

I also decided to start getting organic veg boxes again:

IMG 9289

I probably can’t afford to get them that often, but it is nice to feel that me and the baby are getting some organic veggie goodness when we can.


IMG 9296

Workouts this week:

  • Monday – 30 minutes pre natal balanced flow from Yoga Glo
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – 30 minutes Kristen McGee pre natal power yoga using her app
  • Thursday – Davina Pre Natal DVD
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – 30 minutes Kristen McGee pre natal power yoga using her app
  • Sunday – Spin class

Such a better workout week! I tried the Davina DVD which my cousin has loaned to me. It was good, but I hardly broke a sweat. I think it will be better in the third trimester. I have been enjoying the Kristen McGee app though, the workout is just challenging enough for me right now. I would have liked to fit in some swimming but haven’t had time, I need to figure out a regular slot in my week!


IMG 9183Cardigan: TKMaxx, tea cup necklace: shop in Brighton, dress: New Look, leggings: Tu at Sainsbury’s, boots: Primark

Every time I try something on and it still fits I get rather excited! Although it’s pretty much just dresses right now. Last weekend I finally got round to mending a hole in a vintage dress I bought months ago, I was super chuffed when I put it on as the way it is cut can definitely accommodate a pretty big baby bump!

IMG 9299


IMG 8946

I was so chuffed when I received this gift to review from Neom. It’s specifically for new and soon to be Mums and includes a body oil, bath oil and candle. I am now totally hooked on Neom candles, the scent is amazing! Plus everything is natural and organic. I had a really relaxing bath using the products, it was wonderful. Also…

We had a meeting with a financial advisor with the aim of getting a mortgage and moving! With me soon to be self employed we are unsure of the outcome, but just taking action towards making our future happen is a good feeling // on Thursday I had a crazily productive day which given my recent performance was a nice change! // getting my hair cut, and the head and neck massage that accompanied it // raw chocolate // finding bargains on eBay


How has your week been? Have you ever had a food you were really looking forward to that just ended up tasting meh? 

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  1. LilyLipstick

    That pizza looks so good! I’m not a big fan of churros in England but in Spain they are amazing. Since I started eating better a lot of “treat” foods that I look forward to don’t taste as good as I expect them to. Love both the dresses you’re wearing in this post! x

    • Laura

      I’ll have to remember to try them if I’m ever in Spain!

  2. Tamzin

    What a great week! Before I knew I was gluten intolerant everyone used to go on about how good Krispy Creme donuts are so I tried them and quite frankly I am glad I can never eat them again…gross!!

    • Laura

      I have to say that is one food I’ve never been tempted with, I can’t stand doughnuts!

  3. Ms.J

    The custardy oats look splendiferous! Fresh figs juuust came in season and I am loving them.
    You did have a nice full week hey – such good workouts :) .
    I’ve never had churros, but they do look good. I had high hopes of reuniting with my old love – Oreo cookies- but when I had them recently, I was strangely disappointed and couldn’t fathom how I was so intently obsessed with them :-p

    • Laura

      Oh I love my fresh figs! It’s so interesting how foods can change like that, while also being kind of liberating ;-)

  4. Safa

    I like to think that it was the Davina Pre-Natal Workout DVD in my last trimester that led me to deliver 10 days before my EDD. I love churros! Too bad yours wasn’t that nice.

    • Laura

      That’s interesting! I think I just need to find some good churros :-)

  5. Sarahf

    Wow! What a productive week! How disappointing about the churros, they have such potential!

    • Laura

      I know, I really thought they were going to be lush :-(

  6. Scarlett

    I love the sound of your pancake topping – avocado and honey. I’m absolutely going to give that a go next week for brunch, as a topping for 2 ingredient pancakes.

    Your mocha drink also reads like a dream. I’ve never considered adding supplements to my coffee drinks but I can see what a great idea it is. Looking forward to your blog post on this.

    Have a fantastic week!
    Scarlett x

    • Laura

      Definitely give it a try, so delicious! The coffee drink is a great way to get those extra nutrients in :-)

  7. Nicole Marie Story

    OKAY. You look freaking adorable. AND here’s what I want. A GUEST POST FROM JAMES. Or a series of them. I want to know what he’s thought during your weight loss / gain / success into pregnancy. Did he really just love you (body) through it all? Or did he have an opinion on what’s been happening scientifically speaking? I’ve had a Sunday morning martini, hence the liberalness of my comment. BUT I WANT TO KNOW! ;) Again, you are adorable. xo

    • Laura

      Oh thank you so much Nicole :-) You know that’s not a bad idea, I will ask James about this!

      • PoPpy @ Persistence Over Perfection

        Oooh I second this idea – a couple of posts from James would be lovely! Sounds like you had a really good week :) Shame about the churros, but the rest of your food looks yummy!

  8. Adrienne

    Thanks for the prenatal app recommendation – am downloading it now!

    • Laura

      Let me know what you think of it!

  9. Pip {Cherries & Chisme}

    Thanks so much for the link love! It sounds like you’ve had an awesome week :) Mines been pretty awesome too – you know one of those weeks when you’re just in a great mood? And yesterday I had my fastest run since November and in much hotter weather so am feeling kinda proud of myself :) Have a lovely Sunday! xxx

    • Laura

      My pleasure lovely :-) I’m so glad you’ve had an awesome week, so you should be feeling proud of yourself!

  10. Maria @ runningcupcake

    I love that blue dress! Although I think I love most of your dresses! Glad you have had such a good week. I used to love creme eggs but had one a couple of years ago and it just was not that nice- not sure my tastes have changed that much as I still have a sweet tooth, but I won’t be having them any more.

    • Laura

      Thanks Maria, I just hope I can keep wearing it for a little while longer! I had a creme egg recently and felt the same way. I’m really looking forward to some cadburys mini eggs and I’m hoping they still taste worth it!

  11. Jess

    I love your ‘maternity’ dresses – they really suit you and you look gorgeous in them :) You’re definitely developing a pregnancy glow early on…and to me I can only see a small bump at this point. You don’t look bigger in any other areas at all, so I don’t think you’re necessarily going to have to come to terms with gaining a lot of weight (regardless, I will say that even though I am usually very anti listen-to-your-body, I’m 100% for it during pregnancy. You know you have the strength of mind to lose any baby weight after the fact, and you’re doing what’s best for your child. There are so many women these days going just that bit too far in an attempt to ‘one-up’ each other, and it’s absolutely not worth putting their baby’s health at risk. Obviously you never would, but it makes me sad that some people are selfish enough to keep on pushing when it’s not necessarily their health/life on the line. I know I’d never be selfless enough to look after kids, but I wouldn’t commit to having them in the first place!) Sometimes I think pregnancy can make or break a person’s relationship with food and their body, at least for the 9 months, because the only time my Mum has ever eaten without guilt and anxiety is when she was pregnant with me…she thought that the only reason she ‘deserved’ food was because it wasn’t really for her…it was for me. It’s always been heartbreaking to me how quickly she went downhill after I was born.

    Anyway, I’m sorry for that ramble. In terms of food not living up to expectations, I think that tends to be the case with most foods for me, simply because I place far too much emphasis on how wonderful food should be. It’s only lately that I’m wrapping my head around the idea that food isn’t some kind of panacea for everything.


    • Laura

      Thanks so much Jess :-) I have to admit I was feeling huge until I saw that first pic of me, when I stepped on the scales and only saw a 5lb gain I was surprised because I felt like it was more like 10lbs! I think after I posted on Friday I’ve had a dose of reality, of course every woman is going to be different and I just need to do what’s right for me, and to a certain extent, accept how my body will be for the next 6, well realistically 9 or even 12 months. It’s really sad to hear that about your Mum :-( xxx I think it’s almost weird when you start to feel that about food, I guess it puts it back in it’s place and reminds you it’s not all that after all ;-)

  12. Lara

    That pizza looks amazing. I always remember my sister-in-law made homemade pizza once and they were too amazing for words, something made from scratch rather than out the freezer is always best :-)

    • Laura

      So agree, they are just the best!

  13. Nicky

    That pizza looks amazing!!! I’ve never tried churros, and probably never can with my gluten intolerance which doesn’t seem to be going away! I tried to re-introduce gluten back recently with a few crackers etc and seemed okay, so I went and got some Oreos….a real craving for them although I couldn’t even remember what they tasted like. They were good but then I got really poorly afterwards for days – wasn’t worth the taste haha!

    You suit those kind of dresses SO well! And so perfect for a bump to grow and with summer on it’s way! :)

    My week has been so busy and stressful with uni stuff. Doing loads of projects as well as a dissertation isn’t much fun right now (although I do love having an excuse to bake!) but not much longer to go :)

    • Laura

      Oh no, can you get gluten free Oreos? I have to say I’m quite chuffed I’m going to have a summer pregnancy, can’t wait to wear cute maxi dresses! Sorry to hear you’ve had a busy and stressful week, as you say not much longer to go and you’ll be free! xxx

  14. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Ahh that’s sad about the churros. When we were in Mexico I couldn’t get enough churros. But they were very dry and ‘light’. They had a real crunch to them. When I had churros in Brighton they were really greasy and nothing like the Mexican ones.
    You look fab in those dressed. I love that blue one.

  15. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    I had Vegan Churros before and they were pretty good. I had to stop my veg box as it’s too expensive to justify, they are a nice treat once in a while though!

  16. Claire @ Flake and Cake

    I’ve always wanted to try churros – are they like donuts in taste?
    Love the flowery dress on your Laura, it is so pretty. You’ll get lots of wear out of it now if the weather stays nice too :)


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