15 weeks pregnant

I’m getting a right little tub on me now! I can’t believe I’m 16 weeks tomorrow, it’s very exciting to think that in just a months time we should be finding out if it’s a boy or a girl! This week has been pretty good, the tiredness is easing off and I’m sleeping better. I’ve also had no sickness, the only issue being that my sinuses have been a bit blocked. Tomorrow we go to our first hypnobirthing workshop which should be very interesting, I will report back!

I’ve also started to have one cup of very mildly brewed green tea a day and my coffee lust has returned so I’m enjoying some organic decaf occasionally. I’ve also been enjoying the odd chai latte from Starbucks. I checked the caffeine in these and it’s well below the recommended amount, so it’s nice to be able to get a foamy fix!


This week I’ve transitioned into some proper maternity clothing as even my jeggings have started to feel uncomfortable. As I mentioned in last weekend’s post, I found some great maternity jeans in New Look, but later that weekend I noticed that Primark do maternity clothing as well! I picked up two pairs of jeans in different styles, one for £7 and the other for £11 as well as a couple of maternity bras and a top. What a bargain! I also got some black jeans from eBay for a few quid. I’m definitely very well sorted with clothing now!

Thinking ahead to when the baby comes I’ve started to pull together a list of what we might need. Just as I mentioned in Wednesday’s wordy post, we have to be realistic about the chances that we will still be living in our one bed flat when the baby arrives, so I’m very wary of not buying too many things that will take up space, waste money and not get used. I’m trying to hold off buying things until we find out the sex, then I think I’ll start and have a lot of fun with it! 

There’s only a few things I know for definite I would like:

Baby wish list 11. Baby sling / carrier – Tula

2. Travel system with car seat – Mother Care

3. Co sleeper – SnuzPod

4. Perineum massage oil – Boo Boo

5. Hospital bag – Cath Kidson

6. Belly Oil – Love Boo

7. Organic cotton baby grows – Natural Baby Shower

8. Organic Nappy Cream – Green People

I think that slings / carriers are way better than prams and much more natural (as well as space saving!) so that is top of my list. I’ve spoken to a few Mama’s that prefer the more natural route and they all love their slings. However, for practicality I will need a pram and car seat and that one from Mother Care is reasonably affordable. Another thing I’ve been reading up on is co sleeping. I love the idea of it, but I wouldn’t be confident doing it in our bed so the next best thing appears to be these co sleepers where the side comes down so they attach to the side of your bed. I love the design of this SnuzPod that also functions as a regular bassinet. For me, I am interested in trying out the perineum massage oil as I really would like to try and avoid tearing in labour. It’s gotta be worth a try right? For going into hospital and then maybe to use as a baby bag afterwards, you can’t beat Cath Kidson. Right now I’m using my Neom massage oil and Argan oil body lotion, but I will need to restock on bump oil and this 100% natural option looks good and affordable. When the baby arrives I’d like continue choosing natural / organic products and have some organic cotton baby grows, these ones from Natural Baby Shower seem to be pretty affordable and the nappy cream from Green People sounds good too.

Other things I need to think about include breast feeding and getting a breast pump, changing mat, natural nappy options, I could go on!

It’s a bit scary how many things you seem to need to think about and consider, but I know we’ll be fine. I think it’s just starting to hit me how fast time is moving now and I do want to be as prepared as possible ready for my due date!

If you have children, did you use a sling or co sleep? How prepared did you feel in the lead up to birth? If you haven’t had children, how do you think you’d approach the task of getting prepared for a baby?

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