Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #15


Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #15


Green people haul

Happy Sunday, I hope you lovely lot have all had a good week! Mine has been a good one, starting with a delivery of more natural and organic skin and make up goodies from Green People. The lipstick is a real fave, I’ll do a little review of them all later in the month. 


I’ve been snacking a little more this week, my appetite is really up a notch! Of course green smoothies for the #KHGSgreensmoothiechal have been featuring a lot, but more on them tomorrow. Here’s some highlights…

Strawberries greek yoghurt peanut butterstrawberries, full fat greek yoghurt, peanut butter, rice syrup

Creamy oats with strawberries almond buttercreamy porridge with strawberries and almond butter

Coconut flour cake apple tahinicoconut flour bake with apple and tahini

Toast avocado fried egggluten free toast, avocado, fried egg

Quinoa beet feta saladquinoa, lentil, beetroot and feta salad

Chickpea aubergine cauliflower kormachickpea, aubergine and cauliflower korma

Harissa chickpeas with tahini sauceharrissa chickpeas with courgettes, broccoli and tahini sauce

Each night I’ve really fancied something a little chocolately so I’ve been making a little mini cup of chocolate pudding by mixing a scoop of chocolate sun warrior protein powder with a bit of cocoa powder, water and stevia, yum!

Protein chocolate pudding

I’ve also loved the raw crackers I bought when I was in London last week, I need more of these!


Last but not least I got an ice cream maker! I bought this one which had excellent reviews and is reasonably priced and it is awesome. I started by making some cherry almond frozen yoghurt:

Cherry almond froyo and strawberries

Yesterday I made some raspberry chocolate ripple frozen yoghurt. Absolutely amazing, I am going to be addicted to using this machine!


Gym cycle

Workouts this week:

  • Monday – Gym 10 minutes cross trainer, 10 minutes step machine, squats with bar bell, sitting chest press and shoulder presses
  • Tuesday – Prenatal yoga from YogaGlo
  • Wednesday – Prenatal power yoga flow from Kristin McGee app
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – Gym 10 minutes step machine, 10 minutes bike, lunges, tricep kickbacks and bicep curls
  • Saturday + Sunday – Rest

Not a bad week really, workouts have been short and sweet so not much more than 30 minutes. I’m just happy to be keeping active!


White shirt and skinny jeans scarfBiker jacket: Warehouse, scarf: H&M, white long shirt: Primark, skinny maternity jeans: Primark, cream flats: Next

I love this outfit! It’s the best I’ve felt I’ve looked in a while. Last week I popped to the shops with James and as I’ve been saying I found a load of maternity stuff from Primark. As well as the skinny maternity jeans (just £7!) I got that white shirt from the regular range in a size up and I just love it. Worn with a nice bright scarf and I think it made a really nice outfit. 


Tk maxx cushion and photo frame

Alongside clothes shopping I treated our flat to a few things! I know we have it up for sale, but I still want the place to look great while we are here. I got the gorgeous LOVE cushion and jewelled photo frame from TK Maxx and the brightly coloured floral cushion from BHS. I’ve also picked up some new bedding, all of which have been decent bargains. Also…

First Starbucks frappe of the year (I checked the caffeine content and they aren’t too bad) // healthy pick n mix from Holland and Barrett // that ice cream maker! // our Natal Hypnotherapy course and James being just amazing in working with me on the techniques (more to come in a pregnancy update) // making some big big plans for the future of the blog + business // getting stuck into some new photoshop techniques // great feedback from my 12 Weeks to Feeling Fabulous Course // everyone doing the #KHGSgreensmoothiechal and the pics of delicious green smoothies!


How has your week been? Have tried an ice cream maker or would you like one? What was the last thing you bought for your home?

P.S – Good luck to anyone running in the London Marathon today!

 photo greenfb_zps43614d81.png photo greentwit_zps439f43de.png photo greeninsta_edited-1_zpsa62b54b7.png photo greenpin_zps9b9921b9.png photo greenrss_zpsb71630f6.png photo greenyoutube_edited-1_zps741514fc.png photo greentumb_zps8c4ce466.png

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  1. LilyLipstick

    I would love an ice cream maker – sadly no space in my tiny kitchen! Your eggs always look so perfect and I definitely need to try that mini chocolate pudding for when I want a little chocolate fix! x

    • Laura

      I have to say it was a squeeze in my kitchen as well, we have an extra freezer and that’s the only way we’ve been able to fit the bowl into it!

  2. Jess

    Great minds must think alike, because your little cup of Sun Warrior chocolate is something I’ve been having as an afternoon snack for months :) I prefer the Classic to the Blend – for some reason I only tend to use the Blend in baking…I think it’s a texture thing that I have with pea protein.

    Those jeans are an absolute bargain – I can see why you’re so confident in that outfit, though I think all of your pregnancy outfits so far have been great.


    • Laura

      I really wasn’t a huge fan of the warrior blend either, I actually kind of like the chalkiness of the regular one! Glad you’ve liked my outfits, it’s going to get interesting as time goes on!

  3. Sarahf

    You’re looking fabulous! I love that whole outfit, especially the scarf! I’ve been loving the smoothies, so much so, I keep forgetting to take pictures!

    • Laura

      Thanks Sarah! Glad you’ve been enjoying the smoothies!

  4. Lara

    Your avo toast made me realise I haven’t had any for what feels like forever ;-)
    You are certainly glowing with your pregnancy … healthy, happy and growing xx

    • Laura

      It’s great isn’t it, I used to eat it all the time, need it back in my life! Thanks Lara, sometimes I don’t feel that glowy!

  5. Claire @ Flake and Cake

    Your meals look beyond delicious Laura, I love how colourful they are! Your ice cream maker sound super exciting, especially as we are now moving into hotter weather – can’t wait to see what you whip up! I love the LOVE cushion too, very cute.
    Looking forward to hearing about the cherry lipstick, it sounds interesting!

    • Laura

      Thanks Claire! I just hope we do get that warmer weather!

  6. Maria @ runningcupcake

    Mmmm avocado on toast- I love it!
    I have an ice cream maker but we have to clear space in the freezer first so I don’t tend to make it that much. I have a Ben and Jerry’s book and their “cheat” recipe is amazing- something like condensed milk and fresh custard (or maybe cream)- the peanut butter one is so worth making. Although you could make a pb and j one with raspberry and peanut butter or something?

    • Laura

      Oh I must have a look for that ben and jerrys book, love the idea of a cheat recipe and anything peanut butter is obviously right up my street ;-)

  7. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    Love Green People. I make sunwarrior puddings like that all the time, great afternoon or evening snack.

    • Laura

      I think I need to buy more sun warrior now!

  8. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    You look lovely! Very pretty scarf.
    The ice cream maker sound cool – and the I the cream looks so professional!
    We haven’t really bout anything for our house in ages, many because we plan on moving in a year nd sort of don’t see the point. Little boring I suppose!

    • Laura

      Thanks Anna :-) I think part of the reason I’m trying to make things nice is to make me feel better about the idea of being stuck here longer, silver linings and all that!

  9. Tamzin

    I have an ice cream maker but haven’t made any in ages this needs to change! I think you gorgeous, great outfit!

  10. Mary

    How much fun to have an ice cream maker! Especially since it’s been so hot just lately. We unfortunately don’t have one but I am a lover of kitchen appliances. Slow cooker, juicer, blender, toastie maker… I’m looking forward to getting my bigger kitchen to store it all in!


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