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Ah March, what a month it has been! Big things happening in my life this month have included our 12 week scan, putting our flat on the market, starting two new community projects, finishing one great community project, upgrading some of my beauty and household cleaning products to more natural and organic products and having the biggest de clutter ever. I’ve definitely met my March pledge of spring cleaning!

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Here on the blog I’ve posted recipes for…

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Some of my fave posts this month have included:

I was also really chuffed to be asked to blog at the Huffington Post! I’ve started by sharing my Is Sugar Evil post, but will be starting to add original posts in future.


April pledge get the glow

I am really looking forward to April, it should be a brilliant month! The little Easter break will be lovely, as will indulging in some Cadbury’s mini eggs, my not so guilty pleasure! At the end of this week I’m off down to London for some super exciting stuff too. Business wise, this month sees me taking the big step in going pretty much self employed. I’m still going to be doing 1 day a week in my charity development manager role, but all my other income will be coming through Uniquely Healthy and the Feel Good Factory. So exciting. So scary. So awesome :-)

Other than that I should have some stability in terms of getting to grips with the two new community projects I’m working on which might give me some breathing space and enable me to think a bit about what the future holds.

One thing I do want to focus on now that I’m in the second trimester and we are well into spring, is work on getting that glow. We are off to Brighton again in May, and I’d really like to look and feel my best. Of course everyone says it’s the second trimester when you are ‘glowing’ but I think it’s a deeper feeling that just that. My skin could do with some TLC and I think I would benefit from a renewed focus on drinking plenty of water and eating fresh foods like green smoothies – hence the little green smoothie challenge!

Green smoothie challenge 

I thought it might be fun to do a green smoothie challenge for myself, and of course it would be great if you’d like to join in to! Here’s the details…

KHGS green smoothie challenge

The challenge is to have a green smoothie each day for 14 days starting on Monday 7th April and finishing on Easter Sunday. It will be a great way to mitigate the effect of that Easter chocolate!

I’ll be posting a couple of round up posts and lots of recipes! If you have a blog, it would be fun to do a post about your green smoothie challenge each week and include your recipes, just right click on the button above to save it and include it in your blog post. I’ll see if I can figure out how to set up a link share and I’ve set up a green smoothies pin board so I can pin your recipes! I’ll keep you all updated on this before the 7th too. 

How was March for you? Do you have anything exciting coming up for April? Will you be joining me in the green smoothie challenge? 

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