21 Weeks Pregnant

Almost 22 weeks and counting! Finding out that we are expecting a little boy last week was just magical and I’m still buzzing from it. I’ve been feeling lots of movement from him and another big strong kick. It might sound a bit crackers but I often chatter away to him, especially using his name. I’ve been buying a few things for him on eBay including a great find of a hand made cushion with his name on, which considering how rare that must be (his name isn’t that common I would say) I just had to snap it up! I have a pretty good list of what we need to purchase, while at the same time I’m trying not to let myself go mad and stick to some kind of budget. We also have a good idea of how we plan to change up the flat to create more space and have an area dedicated to him, as well as his bedside crib. I am so excited to get started, it’s going to be a lot of IKEA stuff, but I have a few hacks up my sleeve to make things more ‘us’. 

I know they say that you generally feel the best in your second trimester and for me that is certainly true, I feel fantastic! Exercise has been great, my eating has really balanced out, and apart from chicken I have no major aversions. My sleep isn’t too bad although he has a habit of doing back flips in my belly at 3am! This last week I have developed quite an intense pain in my lower back / right glute and I’m not sure whether or not I’ve just pulled a muscle or if it’s posterior pelvic pain which unfortunately after reading up a bit I believe it probably is. I’ve been doing some pregnancy pilates via You Tube to try and start strengthening my core further, but if it hasn’t improved by next week I’ll be off to the docs as this is quite literally a pain in the arse.

Over all this week I’ve just been feeling so incredibly lucky. Apologies for getting soppy, but I never realised how much love I could feel. I feel blessed every single moment for something I was starting to believe I would never experience. I just feel so thankful, I’ll never forget what a little miracle my baby boy is :-)

Skincare in pregnancy

IMG 9915

With pregnancy comes a few specific skin ‘issues’. For me, the biggest one I need to keep an eye on is stretch marks. I already have silvery lines around my hips, backs of legs and backs of arms from puberty / weight gain already, and going off genetics I know I’m prone to them. Not exactly skincare related, but varicose veins in the legs and broken veins might be an issue for me, again going off genetics and what I’ve already experienced. Other than that my skin has been great, very soft and supple and I haven’t had any issues with spots on my face.

Ultimately, stretch marks etc are a part of pregnancy for a lot of women, I don’t think they are something that you should be ashamed of. I love the Facebook page 4th Trimester Bodies which I think gives a more realistic view of what most women’s bodies look like after pregnancy. However if you can minimise them I think it makes sense to do what you can.

As always I start with nutrition first. Eating a generally healthy diet is the first step, but then some specific nutrients can be helpful:

  • Vitamin C for strengthening the vein walls and capillaries
  • Collagen (pictured above is the Great Lakes Gelatin I’ve been adding to smoothies occasionally) containing foods such as bone broth and gelatin for keeping the skin stretchy and supple
  • Healthy fats from foods like oily fish, coconut oil and avocado also for keeping the skin moisturised from within
  • Some vitamin E from seeds like sunflower can also be useful for the skin

When it comes to products to apply to the skin, I’ve been testing out a few options:

Pregnancy skin care

I started off using Neom Cocooning Oil on boobs and bump and I’ve almost ran out! That was brilliant and really made my skin feel nice and supple without being oily. A fave product has also been Organic Argan Oil cream which I was sent for review. I absolutely adore this cream, my skin has never felt so good as it does using that! I have also used Dr Organic Vitamin E stretch mark cream and on any dry bits trusty coconut oil. Recently I’ve been sent some derma oil to try out and I also treated myself to some Mama Mio products which are specifically formulated for mamas to be. The way I’m approaching it is to use an oil or stretch mark specific cream on boobs, bump and hips then a more standard cream like the argan oil cream everywhere else. 

So far I haven’t noticed any new stretch marks or issues with veins or capillaries, however I know I’m only just half way through and have a long way to go yet, plus as I blogged about a while I ago I already had some looser pre stretched skin from being overweight in the past, so maybe that is going to be a blessing in disguise!

If you’ve had a baby did you get stretch marks? Whether you’ve been pregnant or not, do you use any specific products for prevention of stretch marks? What’s your favourite skin care product?

P.S after posting my pregnancy updates weekly so far, I might start and do them every other week for the rest of the second trimester and some of the third as I’m hoping I’m reaching a staple phase of my pregnancy with not too much to report!

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