Hello lovelies, hope you are enjoying the long weekend so far! With the typical UK bank holiday weather I’ve been spending this weekend at home avoiding the rain, getting some stuff done and playing with my new camera, more on that in a mo. On Friday I was delighted to receive a box of fresh juices and raw nut milks from Crude Juice. Obviously I’m not detoxing in any way shape or form, but it’s been a pleasure to try them in amongst my usual meals which this week have included…


Choc cherry kale smoothieChoc cherry kale smoothie with chia seeds and The Food Doctor Cacao Tangerine granola

Squash smoothie in a bowlSquash smoothie topped with tahini and mixed fruit and seeds

Strawberry almond butter oatsCreamy eggy porridge with strawberries and almond butter

Beef wrapsMexican beef and pepper lettuce wraps with avocado

Falafel saladGreat Food Falafel salad with tomato basil hummus dressing

Lentil ragu with courgette spaghettiLentils, home made roasted tomato and pepper sauce with pesto mixed in and courgette spaghetti

Lemony salmon saladLemony salmon salad

Apple and coconut cashew spreadApple and big spoonful of home made cashew coconut butter for a snack

Fresh juiceFresh nectarine, cucumber and celery juice topped up with a little coconut water

I also did some kitchen experimenting and made my first batch of water kefir:

Strawberry kefir 2

I made this batch strawberry flavoured. I’ll be blogging more on how to make this probiotic rich fermented drink soon, it really is pretty easy and tastes delicious!


IMG 1152

Workouts this week:

  • Monday – Gym – 10 minutes step machine, 10 minutes bike, chest presses, back extensions etc on the machines
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – Gym – 10 minutes step machine, 10 minutes bike, seated chest presses, seated shoulder presses, squats
  • Thursday – Selection of pregnancy Pilates videos from You Tube
  • Friday – Gym – 20 minutes bike, Pilates exercises
  • Saturday – practiced my Pilates exercises
  • Sunday – Rest

As I said in my 21 Weeks Pregnant update I had been suffering from some quite severe lower back / glute pain which I first noticed after putting my jeans on after the gym on Wednesday. The more I’ve read up on it the more it seems to be posterior pelvic pain which can be common in pregnancy as your posture changes. Luckily, since Wednesday it has improved dramatically. In some ways I’m glad I had it as it has highlighted the need for me to be more proactive with strengthening my core and lower back, getting more varied workouts and maintaining a better posture. I also need to make sure I sit down when putting pants on as it’s the crouched over standing on one leg position that seems to set it off!


Maternity outfit leggings and shirt

When the weather was actually nice at the start of the week I wore this outfit which I now realise is almost entirely from Primark! The shirt, maternity leggings and floral belt which I wore above the bump all came from Primark. Lovely sandals c/o Duo Boots and bag from Oasis. I’ve been hanging out on eBay quite a bit too and found another pair of cheap maternity jeans, this time with an over the bump fitting ready for when I get bigger.


Nikon D3200

I’ve been thinking about getting a new camera for a while, so when I got some unexpected cash James encouraged me to use some of it on myself (the rest is going towards getting the flat sorted for the baby). I bought this entry level DLSR, a Nikon D3200 with lens, plus another lens more suitable for food photography. Well I am in love! I studied photography as part of my Art and Design degree, but back then I was going old school using film and a dark room so I need to relearn a lot of things. It has been great fun practising though! Plus I think it will be handy for taking lots of baby photos in the future. Also…

some very kind words from a lovely lady about this site // being in a great groove right now // working on some big plans for the blog // organic veggies // long baths with candles // raw chocolate making // deliveries of the cutest baby clothes!


Today we are off for lunch at my parents then I think the rest of the weekend will be pottering / working / photographing everything in site. I was also asked to take part in the Curry’s Blogger Bake Sale so I’ve been getting my bake on! Perfect for a rainy bank holiday weekend. More on that to come later in the week. 

How are you spending the long weekend? What was the last experimenting you did in the kitchen? Do you enjoy photography?

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