Day in the life 2

Seeing as my last a day in the life post was so popular, I thought I’d make a more regular thing of it! This day in the life is from last Friday, it was a gorgeously sunny day. 

Dawn in the bedroom

I love waking up to the sunshine peeking through the bedroom door! I got up, went to the bathroom then did my 5 deep breaths ‘meditation’ before making the bed and putting my gym gear straight on (tip for making sure you actually go and workout!). Then it was warm water with lemon to get me started:

Lemon warm water and hazelnut dates jpg

As I was off to the gym I snacked on three dates dipped in hazelnut butter to keep me going. I also drank more warm water while I checked emails at my desk. Then it was off to the gym…

Gym selfie

I never look very good first thing in the morning after sweating it out! I did 10 minutes on the step machine, 10 minutes on the bike then some strength training including lunges, tricep extensions and bicep curls. I came home, got showered and dressed and made breakfast:

Smoothie in a bowl

I blended spinach, kale, frozen cherries, organic grass fed whey protein, cocoa powder and almond milk then topped with coconut butter crumbles and mixed seeds and gojis. Love breakfasts like this! I also had a green tea:

Teashed green tea

I pottered about the flat sorting some washing out and setting up my new food processor before getting settled at my desk to write a blog post, catch up on some blogs and burn some CD’s I’d bought in Brighton to iTunes. I made myself an iced decaf coffee with almond milk to sip while I worked:

Desk and iced coffee

In the middle of that the organic veg man came with my first big discounted delivery:

Organic box riverford

I bought some meat and eggs as well as my veg box, I just love getting this stuff and planning what to make with it all! After that I was back to the computer, this time to start planning out some new work. I mentioned in my last day in the life post that I had been contacted by a publisher, and as it happens we managed to sort out the financials, so all being well I will have my name as a co author on an actual in print recipe book by the end of the year!

Salad with chickpeas beetroot hummus

Lunch, eaten on the early side, was a big salad with lettuce, beetroot, chickpeas and harissa hummus watered down into a dressing. So delicious! Then I got ready to drive to my community project session which starts at 12.30, hence the early lunch.

Maternity floral vest top denim jacket

I wore my new floral vest top from H&M and new denim jacket and black skinny maternity jeans from Primark. It was the last session with this community group and it was just brilliant. I demonstrated a healthy chocolate cake in a mug recipe which we all enjoyed:

Paleo chocolate mug cake

I made several of them and ate about half of a one. I bought all the ingredients the day before so I was prepared for the session. You definitely have to be organised! It was such a lovely end to a great project and the ladies enjoyed getting their certificates:

Consett care and share group

The project had involved a mix of my healthy eating and exercise stuff and my colleagues Reiki, it had been so successful and the feedback was awesome! I even got a lovely thank you / baby card and some hand knitted baby cardigans as a gift from them. Then I jumped in the car back to Durham to meet James out of work. Durham is such a beautiful city in the sunshine:

Durham castle 2

I had to pop into the bank to deposit some cheques, then we drove to Sainsbury’s for a few more groceries. When I got home I snacked on an unpictured apple as I was quite hungry then I unpacked everything. I love a full fridge on a Friday night!

Healthy fridge

For dinner I made us a curry, chicken for James and lentil and potato for me:

Red lentil and new potato curry

I will be sharing this recipe very soon as it is the bomb and so easy to make! A little later I blended some yoghurt that needed using up with frozen blueberries to make ice pops, then used the remainder to make blueberry froyo for dessert:

Home made blueberry froyo

I topped my bowl with cacao nibs for a bit of crunch. We ended up watching Planet of the Apes, the recent one with James Franco in, well it’s not really my thing so I spent most of it on Pinterest and Etsy on my iPad looking at baby boy clothes! After that it was off to take my supplements and brush my teeth before hitting the sack!

So there we have it, another day in my random life! I love writing these posts as it really shows me where my time goes, it will also be interesting to compare and contrast life pre and post baby! Have you ever looked at how you spend your time? I know I can quite easily lose an hour to ‘pottering’ and just as much looking at stuff like Pinterest, although that can also be relaxing and quite productive at times! Do you ever lose time to just pottering around on little tasks?

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