Healthy snacks

Well what a wonderfully marvellous week it has been! I know I’m generally happy and upbeat about things, but this week has been especially fabulous for many reasons. Before we came back from Brighton I was half looking forward to it and half dreading it as I thought it was going to be a bit stressful with having so much on. As it happens my organisation skills paid off and it wasn’t very stressful at all. I started the week running a stand at Sunderland University on the theme of Good Mood Food for their Mental Health Awareness week activities. I served almond stuffed dates and bircher muesli pots pictured above – all using ingredients that help to boost serotonin levels. It was a great success! Of course the biggest highlight of the week was finding out we are having a beautiful baby boy, and most importantly he’s healthy and happy inside me. I just can’t say how happy we both are about all of that! More on the good stuff this week in a minute.


Again, I had been concerned that a lack of time at the weekend would impact on my eating but I managed to get in a good shop and mostly stick to my meal plan. Some yummies this week include…

Smoothie in a bowl 2Smoothie made with kale, frozen cherries, grass fed whey protein, cocoa powder and almond milk topped with tahini, mixed seeds and cacao nibs

Strawberry and green smoothieStrawberries and green smoothie with spinach, avocado and almond milk

Scrambled eggs strawberries almond butterScrambled eggs, strawberries, almond butter

Fruit yoghurt almond butterStrawberries (yes I’m loving strawberries!) nectarine, full fat organic yoghurt and almond butter

M S wholefood saladLunch on the go – M&S whole food salad and juice with kale

Raspberry juice barAlso on the go – a treat of a raspberry coconut chocolate smoothie from Fuel Juice Bar

Feta and red onion frittataOmelette with red onion and feta served with spinach

Courgette spaghetti beef ragu with peppersCourgette spaghetti with organic beef ragu and extra peppers

Yoghurt and lemon curdFull fat organic yoghurt topped with some of my aunts lemon curd – absolutely to die for!


Exercise bike

Workouts this week:

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – Gym – 10 minutes step machine, 10 minutes bike, squats, seated chest presses, shoulder presses
  • Thursday – Kristin McGee Prenatal Powder Yoga App
  • Friday – Gym – 10 minutes step machine, 10 minutes bike, lunges, tricep extensions, bicep curls
  • Saturday – Rest (unless you count walking around IKEA!)
  • Sunday – Rest, although we might go out for a 2-3 mile walk later

It’s been great to get back to the gym after my hols, I’m looking forward to getting in 3 gym sessions next week hopefully! 


Maternity style jpg1. scarf: H&M, black lose fit vest: H&M, white vest (worn underneath): H&M, maternity jeggings: Primark, sandals c/o Duo Boots // 2. denim shirt: M&S Autograph via charity shop, necklace: H&M, stripy maxi dress: Primark, gold sandals: Primark

My bump is getting massive! Luckily everything I’ve bought maternity wise should be good for a while, I just hope I can manage in the summer heat when the bump is even bigger. I have to say I felt really good in that maxi dress outfit, I had almost not bought the full length stripes, but I don’t think I look too bad in them!


Organic box riverford

As I was saying this week really has been an excellent one, in addition to everything below it was really fun to get my first organic box delivery in a while. I had stopped getting them as it was turning out a little pricey, but I managed to secure a return deal getting 10% off everything for 12 months, including meat and diary. I thought that made it worth it indeed! Today I am making some bone broth with the organic bones they sell and cooking up a lot of that veg into a lovely stew. Also…

sharing our baby boy news with everyone! // getting a surprise cheque from the bank! // making lots of plans for how we are going to rearrange / redecorate the flat for the baby coming // looking at baby clothes and equipment and planning what to purchase // excellent sessions with health coaching clients and the loveliest testimonial from one of them // my Grandmas 85th birthday // catching up with my best friend // seeing the transformation of a former client, she is looking amazing! // my chicken curry going down very well at one of my community projects // listening to new music from Lykke Li, London Grammar and Kelis


This week I have been really proud of myself for getting into a great routine and groove post holiday in line with my monthly pledge and I really am feeling brilliant at the moment. The coming week should be a bit quieter for me, and far less exciting!
How has your week been? If you are in the UK have you seen some of the good weather? Do you buy any organic veg? Would you be more tempted at better prices?

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