20 week baby bump copy

Any guesses?…

Baby boy 2

Yep we are having a little boy! More importantly, the scan showed that he is perfectly happy and healthy in there. I had thought I was having a girl until last week when I started to wonder if it might be a boy. I’m just so happy that I’m going to have a son! It’s lovely being able to refer to him as ‘him’ and when it’s just me and James, the name we think we’ll be giving him.

So exciting!

James took the day off work for the scan so we could make a day of it. Afterwards we went to the shops and looked at baby things and bought our first baby clothes:

Mamas and papas baby grow

I just thought this was adorable! We got it from Mamas and Papas. The next few months are going to be awesome, now that we’ve had our holiday and the scan we can really start getting prepared for his arrival! James and I have been planning out how we’ll be changing up the flat and it’s going to work really well.

This last week I’ve been feeling great, another few kicks and shuffles and I’m loving my bump and the fact that I look unmistakably pregnant. I’m just really enjoying the whole experience right now :-) I’m so glad that we decided to find out the sex, I didn’t think I could feel closer to the baby than I had done, but I do. I’m certainly feeling the pregnancy glow!

If you’ve had a child, did you find out the sex? If you were having a baby would you choose to find out?

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