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I’ll probably keep saying this and sound like a right old person but seriously I can’t believe another month is out! April was a brilliant month, with Easter, the Green Smoothie Challenge and my ‘Get the Glow’ pledge I’m starting May feeling really good, despite all the Afternoon Tea I enjoyed!

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Here on the blog I shared recipes for:

Carrot cake 8

Some of my fave posts this month include:


May pledge

I had to think long and hard about my pledge this month, but when I started thinking about where I am right now and what I have coming up, finding a good groove with my eating, exercise, sleep etc will really benefit me. Over the last few months life has been pretty changeable. Early pregnancy left me too exhausted to exercise and with food aversions that really messed up my eating patterns. Sleep was also a bit off, and big changes in my career have also had an impact. Now I’m almost half way though my pregnancy I think it’s a case of establishing a ‘new normal’, even if that is only for a couple of months until things are turned upside down again. 

Now that I’m working for myself almost the whole time, each day can be very different and I do like that, however I am a creature of habit and routine, so I need to find the stability in amongst it all. That might be keeping regular eating times and being a little more structured with when I workout. Now that I can get myself to the gym first thing again, I’m confident everything will fall into place from there. I know the things I need to do to keep me feeling good in myself, being productive and generally ticking over well and it’s just a case of focusing on finding a groove to keep me going for a while!

Before I get stuck into that, we are off on our holidays to Brighton! I bloody love that place and can’t wait to get down again. It’s likely the only holiday we’ll be having this year, and probably next year as well to be honest, so we are prepared to make the most of it! The Great Escape Festival is on so James will be happy as larry. I usually get a natural urge to settle into a routine after a holiday so that should work out well too.

This month will also include our 20 week scan when, fingers crossed, we should find out if peanut is a girl or a boy. I’ve been holding off buying stuff until after the scan, so I’m sure they’ll be some shopping to come! We’d also like to start making a few changes to the flat. We’ve had no interest in our flat since it went on the market, and as I was saying in my wordy post, the reality is that we’ll be bringing our new baby home here. To make things more practical we are going to shift some furniture about and create a nice little baby area as well as some updates to the decor to make the place feel a bit more special for us (well, me really!)

How has April been for you? Any plans for May? Do you function better with a routine? 

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