Fave pregnancy meals

Apparently peanut is now the size of a bell pepper! As I mentioned in last weeks update I was off to see the midwife which all went fine and the little one has a wonderful heart beat. On Monday I also had an appointment at the hospital to see an obstetrician. As I conceived on medication there are certain conditions that I could have a higher risk of including preeclampsia (my Mam had preeclampsia when she was pregnant with me which also increases my risk) and pre term labour so they said they wanted to keep a closer eye on me. They tested me again, and my blood pressure is on the low side of normal which is pretty good so I don’t have any other checks than the usual ones with the midwife until 32 weeks when I get an extra scan to check the baby’s growth.

I have been experiencing some heart burn and getting sore achy legs at night which is another pregnancy related issue, but they aren’t causing me too much discomfort. Oh and I think I might be getting a bit of baby brain, I keep forgetting things, dropping things and generally being daft. Earlier in the week I was on my way to the office yet turned the wrong way at the end of my road and had to turn the car around. Doh!

One last thing from this week, my pregnant friend on Facebook shared this hilarious selection of GIF’s for husbands of pregnant ladies – check it out if you need some funnies for this Friday!

My fave pregnancy meals

I thought it would be a bit of fun to look at some of my fave meals so far in my pregnancy. Pregnant women have notoriously crazy cravings and aversions, so I guess mine haven’t been too bad! Some have been healthier than others, but after the sickness of the first trimester I’m almost back to normal other than not wanting chicken anywhere near me!

Cheese on toast

My first real craving was cheese on toast, I just love it! I tried to make it healthier by using organic cheese and seedy bread. There’s just something about melted cheese…


I had this pizza when we were out one night in the early days and by heavens it was good, talk about hitting the spot! On the healthier side…


I had a real fancy for muesli which I’ve always loved, but something I need to keep an eye on as muesli can be a trigger food for me. 

A food that I’ve been back into in a big way is bread:

Toast avocado fried egg

I’ve been needing my carb fix! I went years without really being fussed on bread, then all of a sudden I really wanted it. I know I definitely need more carbs, but I try and make them from good sources like wholegrain or sourdough bread and whole grains. I can’t really start the day now without something carby in my meal:

Creamy oats with strawberries almond butter

My creamy oats have been doing the trick for that! As for other whole grains…

Quinoa beet feta salad

I’ve been loving the sachets of pre cooked quinoa and lentils from Waitrose. I used to be able to manage with just a leafy green salad but I started to need something more substantial and quinoa has been wonderful for that. 

Lentil new potato curry

Another food that’s found it’s way back on to my plate is new potatoes, for some reason I’ve been loving them in curries. 

Last but certainly not least is green smoothies:

Green smoothie with apple and avocado

These have been great for the days when I just couldn’t face any vegetables at all.

It’s been interesting to see how I’ve started to fancy foods like bread and new potatoes which I really wasn’t bothered about for years. I think part of me put bread and potatoes into the ‘un healthy’ section of my brain (which they are not unhealthy at all BTW), for a long time, but now I try and have no labels like that, I’ve been able to enjoy them in moderation without the need to binge on them. Other foods that have been cravings include strawberries, apples, peppers, pop chips and ice cream! As I touched on in my pregnancy nutrition post, I’ve been making an effort to eat foods like eggs and oily fish – although it’s not too much of an effort as I really enjoy those foods too.

Have any foods made their way out of your diet only to come back again? 

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