25 weeks 1

Even just in the last two weeks I can see a big difference in my bump size! Tomorrow I’ll be 26 weeks and today I have my 25 week appointment with the midwife which should be good. I want to be able to start firming up what will happen for the birth and see if I can get a hospital tour. I have a full post on my ‘birth plan’ coming soon.

I’m still feeling pretty good in myself, but I’ve started to notice a few differences, for one I’ve lost all sight of my lady parts ;-) Shaving my legs in the shower is a more awkward too. I do feel more tired in the warm weather and sleeping is becoming a little more uncomfortable as my legs get quite achy. I’ve also started to get some rib pain so I’m wondering if that’s due to them starting to expand and widen out. I also noticed that I might be getting a little bit of colostrum coming in.

I’ve become a bit wary of the veins in my legs as one day last week they seemed to be very noticeable, so I was getting concerned about varicose veins but I think it might have been a bit of an over reaction as they are fine now. I knew my Grandma has bad varicose veins but after having a chat with my Mam and Aunt, it seems she’s the only one in the family that has them bless her! My Mam also told me a bit more about her pregnancies with me and my Sis and how her stomach instantly flattened after birth, I’m hoping I have picked up those particular genes from her! 

Right now my tummy is in good shape for the size I am, no stretch marks as yet and my belly button ring is still in. As I’ve said before I do have faded stretch marks from when I was overweight, so I’m wondering if my skin is already a little ‘pre stretched’ to start off with, or if my skin care regime is paying off!

As for peanut he’s moving really well, but seems to have a few days of moving non stop followed by a few days of slowing down, which worries the hell out of me until he picks he picks it back up again. Saying that, right now he’s giving me a good kicking as I write this and was also doing so when I was taking that bump pic above! 

Pregnancy exercises

I’ve been loving the gym, I don’t do much but my 20 minutes of cardio are enough to get my sweat on a little and keep me active. I’ve mentioned that I’ve been doing some Pilates moves to make sure my back / arse ache doesn’t come back and it seems to be working well. This video and this one of a pelvic rock have been the most useful for me. 

I’m also becoming more aware of making sure I do plenty of squatting. Obviously I can’t say for sure until I experience it, but I can’t see that I’ll want to labour lying down and I’m envisioning that I’ll prefer to give birth squatting, therefore I want to make sure my thigh muscles are up to the job!


Another pregnant focused exercise I’ve started doing are my kegels for my pelvic floor. I found a great app called my pff which guides you through the exercises and even makes your phone buzz to remind you. Whether you’re pregnant or not I think that would be quite handy!


I had a bit of a shock this week when I realised that I could give birth any time from the start of September onwards which actually only gives us just over 2 months! We aren’t doing too bad now we have the travel system ordered, we just need to get a move on with everything else.

Baby stashOur current stash of baby stuff I’ve boxed up under the bed for now!

We had been thinking of getting a moses basket, but the lovely Amy left a very helpful comment on my last baby update that gave me some food for thought. We’ve decided that we might as well just go straight for a cot, after all we do live in a small flat so it’s not like we’d ever be far away from him. It’s also looking like I might be able to lend a beautiful organic moses basket from a friend so if we did have him in the living room with us that would work for a few months without us spending extra money. As for any kind of theme we aren’t really going down that route, it will be more an eclectic mix of things! I have seen a great fox cushion so we might have a few fun woodland inspired toys and cushions for him which will be cute, but other than that lots of bright colours!

After Amy’s useful advice, and some great emails from various readers I thought I’d might as well ask you lot for any recommendations you may have in terms of products you’ve found helpful…

A couple of specific recommendations I could do with are around baby monitors and slings. I definitely want to have a baby monitor with a movement sensor, James’ baby brother passed away, and I have to say it really plays on my mind. I have done paediatric first aid and a movement sensor monitor would help me sleep! I was looking at the Angel Care, but if you guys have any experience / recommendations let me know!

71u2sAImwCL SL1500


For slings, I was going to get a lighter fabric one for round the house and then a more study / James friendly one for outdoors. The Ergo has already been recommended to me, and I’ve been looking at Ama Wrap but again I’d love your thoughts / experiences on that one. Baby wearing is something I’m really looking forward to!

I was also very kindly sent some goodies from Faye and Lou. They had already been recommended to me by a fellow health coach friend so I was delighted when Lou got in touch, she’s even exactly the same number of weeks pregnant as I am! 

Faye and lou 2

Faye and lou 1

I received some gorgeous brightly coloured muslin cloths, a dribble bib and a whale comforter, they are just adorable and you can see how good quality they are. I can’t wait to use these when he arrives!

Do any Mums out there have product recommendations for me? What do you think of baby wearing? Whether you are pregnant or not, do you perform kegel exercises? 

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