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21 days ago I blogged about the California Almonds #SnackHappy Challenge which involved me snacking on a handful of almonds each day for 21 days and noticing any changes. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and have had some fun using the nut case supplied for the challenge, as well as having the nuts with other fruit for snacks:

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California almonds

California almonds snack happy challenge

I loved pairing the almonds with apples, strawberries or raisins, but by the end of the challenge I was more than happy to just eat a handful of them by themselves. As James is a big fan of almonds too, he joined me in having a snack of almonds most days and really enjoyed them too. We both found that these particular California almonds were crunchier than others we had tried and over the course of the 21 days we felt fuller and more satisfied. I didn’t notice any huge changes in terms of my skin, as I was eating plenty of nuts on a regular basis before the challenge. What I did find was how simply knowing that I had the almonds as a snack each day I was less likely to make other less healthy snack choices. It’s not that my snacking is poor, but sometimes it could be more balanced with less sugar and more protein and fat, which is exactly what almonds offer.

Over all it’s definitely something I’d like to try and keep up, and I think having that little nut case gives me no excuses not to continue! 

Have you tried changing your snacking habits? Is the 21 day #SnackHappy challenge something you’d try out?

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