A day in the life #3


A day in the life #3


Day in the life 3

It’s been great to see so many more day in the life style posts popping up on blogs recently! I do find these kind of posts interesting to read from others and love doing them myself, so here we go for another! This is what I got up to last Friday. I got up and changed straight into my gym gear (although I have to use that term loosely at the moment) and went and made my warm water with lemon:

Lemon and warm water morning sun

I have a shortage of work out clothing that is comfortable with my bump, so pulled out my faithful printed leggings! For a pre workout snack, I pulled one of my Nutella Fuel Bars out of the freezer:

Nutella fuel bar

I couldn’t manage the whole bar so ate about 2/3 of it and popped the remainder back in the fridge. I spent some time going through emails before leaving for the gym. I’ve been really enjoying listening to the Balanced Bites podcast while I workout:

Gyming it jpg

I did 10 minutes on the step machine, 10 minutes on the bike, some squats, seated shoulder presses, tricep overhead extensions, bicep curls and the finished up on the mat with some of my pilates moves which seem to be really helping my pregnancy posture. Then it was home to jump straight in the shower, I do love that my gym is just a 2 minute drive away from home, although that probably means I should walk it more often!

Organic argan oil cream

After my shower I plastered myself with my fave skin cream, this organic argan oil cream. It is amazing! I also rubbed oil on my boobs and bump before putting a bit of make up on. I also ate the bit of the fuel bar left in the fridge before making this green smoothie:

Green smoothie with cacao nibs

I blended kale, avocado, some frozen banana and coconut water then topped with cacao nibs. I made myself a green tea and got settled down at my desk to do some work…

Desk 7

That morning it included checking my blog post had published ok, responding to the publishers I’m working with and then doing some finances including paying invoices and writing up invoices. I also photographed and wrote my California Almonds post. In the middle of that my organic veggie box arrived!

Riverford organic box

I sorted out that lot and popped downstairs to talk to my neighbour. It was about 11.30 and I was getting hungry so I thought I’d might as well make lunch. I had been planning on a sweet potato with cottage cheese but I was really fancying a salad instead:

Cottage cheese salad

I also had a coconut and date snack bar with an un pictured mocha, which I make with decaf coffee, cocoa powder and some coconut sugar and hot water:

Cocofina date and coconut bar

I was at my desk again and quickly planned some meals for over the weekend and next week and wrote a shopping list, then I did some research ready for a session with a health coaching client. I also wrote a blog post for the end of the week and caught up on some of my fave blogs via Bloglovin. I had a break for a snack about 2.15 which was a lovely big bowl of fresh blueberries, organic full fat yoghurt, flaked almonds and honey:

Blueberries yoghurt honey almonds

Although I had been mostly dressed during the day, I got myself properly ready:

Maternity style H M striped vest

I wore a black tube skirt from H&M along with a loose fitting vest from H&M with over the bump belt and tan sandals. Then I hopped on to Skype for a session with a health coaching client.


I really do love health coaching! We had a great session and I’d scribbled lots of notes to email her with later. Then it was up and out to pick James up from work in the sunshine.

Durham riverside

We popped to Sainsbury’s then came home. I nibbled on some dark chocolate and a small pink lady apple before I made dinner which was this delicious chickpea, sweet potato and green bean curry:

Chickpea curry

I quite like to potter in the kitchen making something nice on a Friday night! I made it with thai red curry paste and coconut milk and served it with steamed kale and broccoli, so good! I made the same for James but used some leftover roast chicken and steamed new potatoes. As we were going to see X-Men at the cinema the next day we thought we’d watch the last one, X-Men First Class as we have it on DVD. I had a big bowl of organic strawberries and some dark chocolate with chilli as a dessert:

Organic strawberries and chocolate

Those strawberries are probably the most delicious I’ve ever tasted. I keep the little bars in the freezer as I love the crunch! After the movie and cuddles on the sofa while the bambino gave me some nice kicks it was time to hit the sack:

Evening sky

It was such a gorgeous evening!

What was the last film you’ve seen? Do you like to cook on a Friday evening? It’s becoming an unofficial curry night in our house! How busy are Fridays for you?

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  1. Lucie

    Loving your meals, your outfit (and of course, your mac! Jealous!)

  2. Megan

    love this day in your life post – i think i need to try one too on my blog, perhaps when I am feeling a bit better. Friday eves in our house are also something yummy for dinner (i love to cook and try new things); movie with my man and our pugchild, all three of us on the couch with cuddles! Fridays are my best! :)

  3. Lauren

    Your day is like my dream day :)
    That sky picture at the end is beautiful!
    We love cooking either on a Friday or Saturday evening. So nice and relaxing to have longer to cook something. I have not used red curry paste before, your curry looks delicious! We love a good curry in our house too. Chilli chocolate is also a win!
    I have not been to the cinema for ages! Some good films coming up though!

  4. Lauren @PoweredbyPB

    That curry looks delicious. I made something similar the other day, but it was such a hot day it was hard to eat hot food!

  5. Ms.J

    Friday evenings are actually my favorite; there’s just a sense of promise about it – with the weekend stretched before you. Ohhh that chickpea curry looks and sounds so good!

  6. Zoe

    Friday night is unofficial burger night in our house! I work on Fridays so they are just a normal day for me. I really love finishing on a Friday though, knowing that the whole weekend is stretching out in front of us. We always change the sheets on Fridays so we often have an early night and watch TV or a film in bed, love clean sheets!

  7. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Sounds like a great day. I love watching movies at the weekend. We have LoveFilm and Netflix so there’s always something we can find. We watched Captain Phillips the other day and it was AWESOME. Really want to see the new X-Men film too.
    I like having a nice meal on Friday night’s and the weekend. You can spend a bit more time on it and have something a bit more elaborate.

  8. Claire @ Flake and Cake

    I have those postcards from Paperchase too, they’re super cute! Also, I can’t get enough of the Balanced Bites podcast, love those ladies!
    Sunday night is our cooking night, we potter over a spag bog for hours then have leftovers for the Monday night, it’s great starting the week knowing that there’s something delicious waiting for dinner.

  9. Tamzin

    Great day! Fridays are usually quite for me all though last Friday I had my sister and her hubby round for curry…snap! I usually like my Fridays to be quiet as I have to work Saturday’s….last film we watched was the wolf on wall street which was good but I am off to see Maleficent on Sunday and can’t wait!

  10. Maria @ runningcupcake

    I don’t understand chocolate from the fridge! I like it all melty!
    I love our Fridays, although we get kicked out of work at 5pm which is a bit annoying as often I just have a few bits I want to finish that I end up doing on Friday night. We listen to the radio 5 film podcast and Andy tends to cook dinner while I either finish my work, or check up on blogs. Then we watch some TV (used to be Gogglebox and The Trip) or a film.

  11. Lucy

    I love your desk with your computer and bits and pieces around it- it has inspired me for my office area when I get my new house- at the moment I just perch with my laptop on my lap which isn’t really ideal!
    The curry looks lovely too :-)

  12. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    Your desk is very tidy! Makes mine look like a right mess haha.
    Friday night is usually curry night in our house too, and Saturday is burger night :)

  13. Christina

    Aww what a lovely day! It must be so nice to plan your day out with some flexibility. My gym’s only a five minute walk from our flat which I love – it definitely makes a difference when I stumble out sweaty, and means I never really think twice about going, whatever the weather.

  14. Mary

    I like the sound of that podcast. I’m always after something to add to my download list ready for long runs and car journeys.



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